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President Trump recently posted a series of tweets against former President Obama. This came immediately after Obama criticized Trump’s handling of COVID-19. This left many curious to what exactly the term “Obamagate” referred to. We’re here to help with that.

The Watergate complex is a series of buildings in Washington D.C. It was the site of one of the most famous political scandals in American history. These actions resulted in the resignation of then President, Richard Nixon. The term Watergate, and subsequently the suffix “gate,” became a morpheme to imply scandal. Thus affixing “gate” to Obama, President Trump is attempting to make the name Obama synonymous with scandal.

What scandal is the President potentially referring to you may ask? The controversy centers around Michael Thomas Flynn. He was the former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump. The role of consultant to the President for national security affairs is a complex one. They are responsible for advising the president on foreign affairs, and helping them prepare for meetings with world leaders. As a staff job, they are exempt from Senate confirmation.

How the “Obamagate” controversy begins

However, Flynn was only on the job for 24 days before he resigned. There were reports he presumably misled Vice President Pence and the FBI. Particularly about conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador to the US. These conversations allegedly occurred before President Trump took office and were supposedly about lifting sanctions. Flynn initially pleaded guilty to the charges. He later submitted a withdrawal of his plea. Flynn claims he was tricked into lying.

Flynn has strong ties to the US Democratic Party. As a result, this left some Republicans crying foul play. However, officials say former President Obama warned against hiring Flynn to then-President-elect Trump. Flynn was forced out of his position as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency because of fears he had “grown too close” to a Russian woman. Additionally, Flynn was said to have “radical” ideas about sensitive topics. 

Former Director of the FBI, James Comey, testified he had a conversation with President Trump on the matter. He also testified he believed Trump was asking him to not investigate Flynn. A series of memos by Comey eventually became part of the infamous Mueller report.

DOJ Inspector General Horowitz declared that Comey had violated FBI policy with the memos. However, the Department of Justice declined to bring a case against Comey. The President tweeted his firing of Comey, who supposedly found out by seeing the story break on television. Trump staffers cited mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email investigations, and a lack of trust and confidence. Many Democrats saw this as an attempt to influence the legal system. Republicans cited bias from Obama-era appointees.

Charges dropped

Still with us? The Department of Justice dropped the charges against Flynn. The DOJ claimed a lack of evidence to bring the case forward. Obama then vocalized disapproval of the DOJ’s decision. Trump claims this as evidence that Obama may have been involved in an “Impeachment Scam.” Furthermore, claiming those appointed by Obama targeted Trump and his allies.

Trump’s supporters claim the FBI wanted to use Flynn as a gateway to attack Republicans for “Russian collusion.” This all came to a head when President Trump was impeached, but subsequently found ‘Not Guilty’ on both articles of impeachment.

For years, these “Obamagate” events have snowballed into investigations, special councils, and probes. Of course, mainstream media continues to turn both sides’ objectives and spin the stories to fit their own agendas, helping no one. This has also morphed the conversation to include current events, with media reporting Republicans are supposedly blaming Democrats for continuing to push these issues as an attempt to distract from COVID-19.

Democrats fired back by claiming Trump’s administration removed many of the safeguards Obama’s tenure had set in place and these reckless actions destroyed the efforts specifically meant to counter this type of outbreak. Currently, President Trump insists he is receiving high markings on his handling of the outbreak. Pointing out he took early steps to safeguard America that were opposed by Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Both sides feel they are doing the right thing by fighting for America, especially during this time of pandemic and uncertainty.  What are your thoughts on “Obamagate” and everything surrounding it? Sound off in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “What exactly is “Obamagate?” – Your apolitical guide”

    1. Avatar

      Yes, this is a complicated issue but these were just “the wave tops” as an introduction. A full dive into this would take a 50 page report.

  1. Avatar

    An excellent unbiased explanation. Thank you. If the liberal biased media would report the facts in this manner the country would be much better for it.🇺🇸

  2. Avatar

    Obamagate is code for I really messed up on the Covid 19 response and I’m looking to create a controversy to help with my reelection campaign. Isn’t it interesting that these controversies always happen close to an election? It’s bullshit for the masses and unfortunately it’s too common from both parties…. meanwhile nothing gets done.

  3. Avatar
    Marcin Zawacki

    Much more unbiased than the comments section for sure. Though the end, leaving the impression that the President is receiving high marks for his handling of the pandemic is a touch misleading. Also, some timelines would have been helpful.

  4. Avatar

    The president took actions early and was criticized and mocked by the left. It’s great to watch as they try to rattle him. He is very calm and has the best retorts for their actions. This virus was going to spread with or without him as president and anyone that believes other wise is just as confused as joe biden.

  5. Avatar

    that was a great summary. Yes, there were a lot of contextual points left out but I understand why. Lets add a few here for the sake and hope of more oerall clarity on whether or not using Flynn was a goal:

    1. Flynn was a retired General and formerly head of the DIA (but eventually fired for cause).
    2. The IC was already listening to calls of Russian KLs and others. One of the numbers pinged to a US line.
    3. PER THE NORM in the case of #2, unmasking processes were started and they revealed that Flynn was the US line.
    ***Just on those 3, if anyone should know that their phone and ID will be revealed and traced when talking to known Russian KLs, its a Retired MI General and former head of the DIA.***

    4. He then takes a job in which one of his roles is representing the Turkish govt. Nothing inherently wrong with that. US persons take such legit positions all the time for foreign companies.
    5. He does not legally disclose that he is working for and representing the Turkish govt (there is a form that must be submitted…its the US govt, there’s a form for everything).
    6. He then lies about submitting the form, submits the form bu lies on the form. He then lies about lying on the form.
    ***to be clear, I’m not inferring or insinuating he is or was a spy or doing anything for the Turkish govt that wasnt legit. The issue is with the disclosure. The optics are horrible. And regarding whether or not he knew better, refer back to 1-3.***

    7. During a meeting in 2016 or 2017, between Obama, Comey and Lynch (and staffers for each), its decided that the ongoing investigation will be handled by the book and disclosure of 1-7 will happen in full during the transition process. At the time, there are two different types of investigations ongoing with Flynn. Both with a focus on CI.
    8. In further conversations with Russian KLs, Flynn tells them to essentially not worry about the sanctions because they will be taken care of when the new Pres gets into office.
    ****For those genuinely wondering whats wrong with that part, its illegal for a citizen to take on DoS or IC duties of any sort, unless you are duly authorized by the govt. He was not sworn in yet. Yes, it was weeks away but it doesnt make it any less illegal.****
    9. During the presidential transition, the incoming POTUS is briefed on all aspects of the ongoing investigation about Flynn. Incoming POUTS is advised not to hire him.
    10. As stated in the article, within the next 24 days, Flynn is fired/resigned for …well, at the time, POTUS said it was because he lied to Pence about all the above. Whether you believe that or not, the fact remained he was fired/resigned.

    Summary and points to think about when trying to decide if it was a ploy against incoming POTUS:

    Why would outgoing POTUS tell incoming POTUS about the investigation and not to hire this guy if outgoing POTUS’ plan is to use him as an in for impeachment, investigation, etc?

    How the hell did Lynch prophetically know that her email was going to be declassified 3 years after she left, and therefore put in the email “handle transition and investigation by the book” in the hopes that POTUS’ administration and supporters would twist it into proof that there was something going on?

    When he took his plea, Flynn had to answer a series of questions posed by the judge, all relating to…are you making this decision in good faith, are you guilty, are you making this plea under duress, do you believe you’re guilty, etc. TO BE CLEAR, I fully understand that the current court system is more or less designed so that people take more pleas that go to trial. The courts literally can handle the case load if more than say, 30% of people go to trail. But this is a well educated (notice I didnt say smart…refer to 1-3), retired General with what was at the time, a MASSIVE party support system. IF he genuinely thought he was innocent, why go the guilty route? Yes, they leveraged his son against him, yes he had to have a ‘gofundme’ started. Still , both of those considered, if you a retired general and you think you havent done anything wrong, why plead guilty?


  6. Avatar

    I just find the whole Pandemic so coincidental that it happens after Trump gets accused of cutting the budget for Pandemic research which actually didn’t end up happening but it had already been cut down over the years even prior to him taking office. Its almost as if the Democrats were cheering for the virus to spread here just to prove a point. We all know the Democrats hate Trump way more than they love America, so for them its a no-brainer. They don’t care who dies as the result.


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