An update to H.R. 5717- Is it still looming?

A couple months ago, we wrote an article about H.R. 5717. In the article, we broke down some of the items the House Resolution mentions, while also asking our viewership interpretation about the matter. We did this in hopes you all would read not just the article, but the proposed legislation for yourself.

Since then, the article has garnered thousands of reads and over 200 comments. A couple of those comments asked what the current status of the bill is. So, we followed up.

When we wrote the article, H.R. 5717 was still in a proposed status. According to the website for the bill, it is still in the same proposed status. On March 10, it was assigned or, in the site’s verbiage, “referred” to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

Some people are still unsure of the full spectrum of the proposed bill, so we will provide you the summary, as it shows on, here.

Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020

This bill makes various changes to the federal framework governing the sale, transfer, and possession of firearms and ammunition. Among other things, the bill does the following:

  • generally requires individuals to obtain a license to purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammunition;
  • raises the minimum age—from 18 years to 21 years—to purchase firearms and ammunition;
  • establishes new background check requirements for firearm transfers between private parties;
  • requires law enforcement agencies to be notified following a firearms-related background check that results in a denial;
  • creates a statutory process for a family or household member to petition a court for an extreme risk protection order to remove firearms from an individual who poses a risk of committing violence;
  • restricts the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, or possession of semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices;
  • restricts the manufacture, sale, transfer, purchase, or receipt of ghost guns (i.e., guns without serial numbers);
  • makes trafficking in firearms a stand-alone criminal offense;
  • requires federally licensed gun dealers to submit and annually certify compliance with a security plan to detect and deter firearm theft;
  • removes limitations on the civil liability of gun manufacturers;
  • allows the Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue safety standards for firearms and firearm components;
  • establishes a community violence intervention grant program; and
  • promotes research on firearms safety and gun violence prevention.

Now, you have the information straight from the resource. Do you agree? We had a resounding amount of commentators state they definitely did not agree.

A few people also asked how they can ensure this piece of legislation does not get passed, or go any further. Well, for starters, contact your congressperson. We wrote an article about how to do so, here. The other thing you can do, regardless of how you feel about the bill, is VOTE.

Now that we have laid out additional information, what do you think? Drop a comment!

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51 thoughts on “An update to H.R. 5717- Is it still looming?”

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      As long as anti-gun voices continue to be heard more clearly than those of civil-rights activists, anti-gun positions will play well for politicians. Those politicians will continue to write increasingly nonsensical bills with occasional success. Unfortunate, but we need to educate the blind so that more people oppose such nonsense and fewer people support it.

      As for this bill – in my opinion writing or co-sponsoring such a bill equates with resignation of US citizenship. Each of the dozens of house members who co-sponsored need to be rounded up by ICE and deported to somewhere that will accept them – even if that place ends up being an old WWII destroyer pulled from mothballs and towed to center of the pacific. I’ll suggest a little humanitarian assistance to those individuals – in form of tarps with which to collect condensation and rain water, along with nets and fishing line – so they have a (however small) change at survival. If the boat drifts ashore somewhere, maybe they’ll survive the landing and maybe they will be able to successfully claim refugee status. I’m not going to worry about their eventual fate, as long as it is not here.

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    99.7% of gun owners in this Great Country have, and will continue to, be law abiding American citizens. 0.3% of evil minded individuals have and will continue to be evil minded. Adding laws to make it more difficult to legally defend yourself or innocent Americans will not discourage the before mentioned 0.3% of evil minded individuals. The best defense against any act of terrorism is to have Americans prepared and given the ability to face any act of violence that may cause loss of life at the front lines. Victims of evil minded persons are not chosen by chance, cowards will target the unprepared or defenseless. Once evil minded cowards are confronted and challenged, we will stop being defenseless victims. I pray I never have to pull the trigger but i am prepared to stand between the threat and the innocent.

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    This is an absolute decimation of the second ammendment and a major blow to all constitutional rights of the American people.
    If we are required to obtain a license to exercise our constitutionally protected right to bear arms what is next, requiring a license to speak out minds or to go to church?

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    How come your article doesn’t mention the 30% tax on firearms and 50% tax on ammo, which is located towards the bottom of the bill? This bill, H.R. 5717, definitely needs to be stopped!

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    Brian Schroeder

    Fuckin commie ass liberals! Our country was built by our forefathers with guns. I.e. machine muskets. 🤔 I think I’m gonna build one.

  5. Avatar
    robert poppleton

    i will never give up my guns i very seldom use them BUT IT IS MY RIGHT TO OWN will not get a permit for them if i cannot buy ammo legal i will it it the illegal way that is how the crooks do it live most of the time in montana and my truck is full of different ammo alot of 22 rounds for shooting gophers

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      No on this Bill . I’ve already written to my congressman and my senators to let them know what I think . I also let them know I’ll be watching how they react to this bill . If they have any guts , they will do the right thing . Not making any bets though . I hope many more folks let their reps know how they feel .

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    Right off the bat, the first article requiring a federal license to own, possess and carry a firearm. We already have one, it’s called the 2nd Amendment. The constitution does not grant us rights, it limits government from squashing those rights.

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    Linda S Coblentz, RN

    NO!!! To H.R. 5717. We the People have the 2nd Amendment! We the People can take care of the bad guys when We need too. This is the United States of America after all.

      1. Avatar

        What in the world is wrong with you people, i went to Vietnam for this country not because it was right but because our country needed me and my fellow American’s. So many of my friends give there lives for the rights of this country, are you not smart enough to know if Americans give up there firearms the same thing that happen in Germany will happen here… The democrats want everyone to give up there firearms that way they can do anything they want to,,, but if you notice they all have body guards with guns to protect them. HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO SAY PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE NOT FIREARMS !!! DOES THIS MEAN WE WILL HAVE TO GIVE UP OUR CARS BECAUSE THE TRUTH BE KNOWN A HELL OF A LOT MORE PEOPLE WERE KILLED WITH CARS THAN FIREARMS….COME ON PEOPLE USE COMMON SINCE THERE ARE MORE THAN 2000 GUN LAWS ON THE BOOKS NOW, JUST ENFORCE THESE LAWS…….JERRY

        1. Avatar

          @Jerry – Agree with all up to point you said they should enforce the existing laws. Those byzantine laws need some serious rework – at least half of them need to simply be dumped, while the rest need to be reined in and better defined in order to limit their scope.

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    David A Herrera

    No on H.R. 5717. It’s made to practically repeal the 2nd Amendment and allow big government to take your firearms wherever you live. House Democrats plan to take control of all three branches of the Federal government. When that happens, they will completely reform their police and military to enforce the coming tyrannical laws which will take several of our freedoms away and leave us defenseless without weapons, unable to fight. Socialist Democrats already know this. Democrats will allow millions of immigrants into the US, give them amnesty to remake America and overwhelm freedom-loving Americans to vote to keep socialists in power forever. Socialists will cause another American Civil War with the intent to make America another Venezuela. Freedom-loving Americans: Let’s join to preserve our heritage, our culture, our great institutions, defend our freedoms, and if necessary, fight tyranny once again. KEEP YOUR GUNS AND REJECT HR 5717.

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    NO to HR5717 in any form!!!!! Enforce the laws already on the books! Criminals do not obey the laws and will always have guns!

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    Our government was founded as a republic, meaning that the people in Washington are suppose to represent us. We have long since lost that aspect of our government. They forget that they only receive their power through our consent. We have become pawns to them. Washington (for the majority of our senators and representatives) are in this for their own benefit. What a magnificent document we have in our constitution and bill of rights, that has been ignored and discarded by our misguided leaders.

  11. Avatar
    Winston Reynolds

    NO, NO, NO. We do not need this H.R. 5715 bill passed . This would obviously infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights. Further more “TAX, TAX, TAX” why do some people think raising taxes will solve anything. I vote to “KILL” the Bill, H.R. 5715.
    Sincerely, God Bless America, AGAIN.

  12. Avatar

    I think this Bill is being voted on right now, and its passing! Both sides are voting yes on this Bill! That’s what I heard! So sad again in this world! It all comes down as everyone says….Taxes, Taxes, Taxes! To fight wars in other countries, and to feed those who won’t work in ours, and the illegals coming into America. Maybe the Senate will Veto, the bill. Or our illustrious President.

  13. Avatar
    Robert Humphries

    This goes against every word written in the 2nd amendment. These commie fucktards need a reality check.

  14. Avatar

    Did no one see the gun ban listed and all the models named in a long long list as well? I have a video of the entire pages of the bill. It’s diabolical! There will be war!

  15. Avatar
    Keith Rodarmel

    You Demorats are really pushing for a revolution in this country. So if your not smart enough! No on your stupid bill.

  16. Avatar

    This bill is a bunch of rubbish put together by a bunch of clueless, power hungry communists. How dare they think they know what’s best for the people and ignore the number 1 reason for the Constitution – Government shall not be more powerful than the people! They exist to ASSIST the people, NOT control the people.

  17. Avatar

    No f—ing way should this be passed, criminals will always have their guns and we have no way to defend herself that is so against our amendment is ridiculous

  18. Avatar

    It’s amazing how the Left keeps all the controversial bills quiet. Or describe them in beautiful colors and not the dark tones of truth! They are working to defund police departments and taking away the ability for people to protect themselves. All to get and maintain complete power. If common sense were abundant, people would see the hypocrisy in the bill. Yes, the upper class and elite get armed guards for protection but not the lower classes. As an earlier commenter stated, why aren’t we controlling vehicles-more are killed in auto accidents. Or tighter restraints on alcohol consumption (not a total ban), since many are killed, injured by drunk drivers. How much domestic violence is committed by people under its influence? Get real and actually think, Congress.

  19. Avatar

    I do not want this bill to go through. It is wrong to even propose such a bill, it is a way for the gun haters to take away our 5th amendment, the law abiding people would be the ones that would be hurt. The bad guys would be able to get there guns and ammo and still carry on there killings and most would never be caught. There are millions of gun owners and law abiding people in this Country. This would be very unfair and discriminatory for all honest gun owners. This sounds more like a communistic way of hurting the American gun owners , and big money for the Government. Do not let this bill pass.

  20. Avatar
    Alan DeRatt Jr.

    This is the Democrats trying to get rid of our 2nd Amendment rights. Pelosi can’t get it through her drunken pea brain that WeThePeople will not stand for this. It is our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. The do nothing hypocritical Democrats are insane and We The People will not tolerate our right to keep and bear arms being infringed upon. Vote them out of office and silence their treachery , lies and deceit. Trump 2020 Yes!!!!

  21. Avatar
    Steven J Nelson

    I agree with all the previous comments and want to include that restricting gun purchases to 21 year old individuals makes no sense at all. Look at the number of legitimate purchases of weapons by the 18 to 21 year old age group and then look at the stats regarding crimes by LEGITIMATE gun owners of that same age group. Few if any fall into this group. As stated earlier, criminals do not abide by laws so imposing unjust requirements on law abiding citizens constitutes a violation of their rights as established by the Constitution. We all need to mail our respective Congressman and Senator to vote against this bill when it surfaces from committee.

  22. Avatar

    The only item that makes any sort of sense:

    “requires law enforcement agencies to be notified following a firearms-related background check that results in a denial;”

    I’m of the opinion that we should prosecute individuals who knowingly falsified their 4473 (ie LIED).

    There are cases where someone is denied and that person was unaware of their loss of freedom. Our court/legal system is not the greatest at spelling out all the consequences of convictions. In some states, misdemeanors will take away your 2A right!

    But, if proven the person knew they were unable to own/purchase firearms and lied on the 4473 … throw the book at them! There are enough holes in the NICS background check system that some “proceed” decisions should be “denied”. If not prosecuted, the criminals have no reason not to try!

    On that subject … we do need some federal legislation that ensures all government agencies and health professionals are required and held accountable for uploading data to NICS. IMO … this is a huge problem that needs to be addressed. The NICS background check is only as good as the database searched!

  23. Avatar

    This is only gives more proof that the democrats DO NOT have America’s best interests at heart. They are trying everything they can to disarm us as an ARMED person is a citizen, an UNARMERED person is a SUBJECT! NO ON H.R. 5717!!!

  24. Avatar

    You have made the best statement of the whole conversation. I believe the constitution was laid out to limit the government from being too restrictive of our personal life, not limiting each citizen the opportunity to protect themselves. That being said, If you are a mature, rational, individual and of sound mind and body you should be able to protect your life and property from those that would do you harm. If that requires a gun or weapon then so be it. If the government outlaws guns , then people will develop other methods of protecting themselves that the government can’t control or tax…


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