TV show Cops, taken off the air

After nearly 30 years, the show Cops was taken off the air. The long running show was an unscripted look into the lives of on-duty police. The Paramount Network said they would not air the 33rd season, and have no plans to revive the series. This comes amid heavy protest that the show “glorifies police violence” and are counter productive to current public sentiments.

However, some feel this move is not keeping in faith with our nation’s police. Supporters of the show claim it educates the public. That the show demonstrates the dangers police officers face. Additionally, it keeps everyone accountable for their actions; police and civilians alike.

Studies have shown that cities who equip their police force with dash and body cams have a significant drop in several categories. These include: number of police shootings, excessive force complaints, and claims of misconduct. This has been justified by several different theories.

Some say this forces the police to show more restraint. Others claim suspects know their actions are being recorded. Thus, making them less prone to resisting violently, or filing false claims to lessen their sentence. Undoubtedly, mostly experts agree recording police actions protect the officer and the suspect.

Civil unrest

Protests over the murder of George Floyd has sparked global unrest. Major cities around the world have also seen protests. As a result, there has even been discussions of defunding several police departments. These ideas have been denounced by President Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, and even Bernie Sanders. Moreover, some politicians have announced budget cuts, in favor of social programs.

For instance, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has announced he will cut his police department’s budget by $100-150 million. This is approximately 10% of their yearly budget. As a result, the move angered many police unions.

This political climate is the reason why you will no longer hear the iconic Bad Boys song on the small screen. We want to hear your thoughts! Do you agreed with the choice, or disagree? Have you watched Cops recently? If so do you think it glorifies police brutality? Sound off in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “TV show Cops, taken off the air”

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    Ok…first off…my grandfather was a station commander state trooper of NY and i remember hearing stories of how harsh it was out in the world…but he still went out there every day for his community. He was willing to lay down his life for the community. I do not agree with the reasoning behind taking down the cop show. I agree with every reason on why the show should continue. I have a lot of friends who are police officers and i have the utmost respect for them.
    I have watched Cops for a long time and i do not believe that it shows cop brutality. Rather, it shows cop’s bravery and what they have to face out there.

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    I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am over all this. I completely don’t understand why anyone would think defunding the police would in any way benefit anyone. I think their should be 2 in a car always. In my little ol opinion, it is all between the haves and the have nots. yep

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    Makes me upset but at least I have other means of watching law enforcement on media with a list of options to choose from. Example . “badge cams” etc. etc.

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    I do not agree. Anytime anything tragic happens, we tend to make changes that have nothing to do with the event that caused the change. It sure would be nice if we had someone in our government defend law enforcement. The only noise I hear is screaming on the left and crickets on the right. It’s maddening!

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    My parents are retired LEO’S & What is going on in the world today, really hurts home for us. So sad this is happening.

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    We as a nation need to stand up and stop the cancel culture that is taking over. Before we know it, we won’t have anything left of the United States! We can’t keep ceding ground to the left wing hypocrites.

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    I don’t agree. I stand behind each and every first responder . If you don’t do illegal $#!÷ you don’t need to worry.

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    Quit being soft, this country is crumbling before our eyes and many of our military and law enforcement officers are trying to take the reigns and grasp what’s left of humanity to lead us to believe their still is faith amongst all human races…I’m going to miss the snow.

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    Police are the first to take a hit when it comes to BS like this. Whatever the situation you can’t lump all P.O.’s in the same bag. GOD has already blessed America. Let’s start finding ways to bless GOD !!!!!
    Stay Safe Stay Strong !!!!!
    Mike ; ; ; ⚫🔵⚫ PTSD/Suicide Awareness is an every second awareness *LymeSucks*

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    I did not start off my career as an LEO ( started at 40 yo) but became one at a latter date to serve the people of my community and my country. I love what I do and for most of my LEO career have been respected and appreciated by my community. However now because of politics, the media, misguided brainwashed youth and a few bad people the whole LEO community is being targeted. Cops are not risking their careers to be proactive and even the departments run by weak leadership are caving into the liberal government leaders. I do not blame officers for being hesitant to get involved in certain encounters and I’m especially concerned that when face with such situations they think too much and get killed.

    The show cops and live PD show what happens and how dangerous it really is on the streets in certain areas. People have no fucking idea of what predators live around them and are naive to think that releasing these people from jail early will keep their criminal tendencies at bay.

    It will only get worse. Look at all large cities with sky rocketing crime, including the one I work.
    Removal of these type of shows only make people feel a false sense of security, and cater to the antifa/alt left and once again is another knife in the back to LEO/Military.

    Honor, Bravery and Dedication will eventually prevail but it will take a while.

    Stay Strong brother sand sisters and sorry for rambling.



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