Helping Vets heal through art

Sarah Rossetti spent most of her early life in the American territory of Guam. “Literally a tiny rock in the middle of nowhere!” she tells us. However, her art has spread across the world. She has done many commissions for military Veterans, and helped many come to terms with their past.

Growing up, Sarah spent a lot of time hanging around restaurants and bars. Particularly ones that were frequented by the troops stationed there. As a result, she formed a strong connection to military culture and began to understand more of the mindset of those who served. Active duty and retirees told their stories while recounting their deepest thoughts over an ice cold beer. One day, an epiphany hit her to move to the continental U.S.

Bold strokes in life and in art

“It all began when I showed up stateside a couple years ago with a backpack and what was left of my whiskey bottle,” she recalls. “I had made a deal to hunt down the things I’d been too afraid to pursue in life,” she adds. Since then, she has commissioned many beautiful paintings at the request of combat Veterans and others who have served.

She said in regards to her career, “Here I am now a couple years later, painting and building something that is going to long outlive us.” Sarah also proclaimed, “Documenting our moment in time, who and what we are, and leaving it behind so those who come after us, know who we are!”

We asked why this was so important to her and what inspired her. “I want people to know others can see the shit that they think no one knows or feels,” Sarah responded. Furthermore, she hopes the art is relatable and people can find peace when viewing it.

We asked what she wanted others to take away from her work. Sarah replied, “Even on the darkest day there’s always a little bit of light.” She goes on to say “Tomorrow is always a new opportunity to keep at it and grind.”

You can view a full list of Sarah’s previous works by clicking here. You can also find her handle @_invadergirl_ on Instagram. We hope you can enjoy contemplating the emotions art can bring to the surface. We also would love to know what other Veteran artists you think we should check out.

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