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Why wearing a mask is like wearing PPE

Wearing a mask has been a topic of heated debate.

Although, it should be a much simpler matter to decide. For example, over 20 times more Americans have died from coronavirus than died in the war on terror. According to the CDC, over 120k deaths have been linked to coronavirus. Health officials have since reversed their initial position on masks, and admitted times have changed. Even with a margin of error for pneumonia related cases, being considered coronavirus deaths, that is still a massive figure. Now, wearing a mask has become as important as a helmet was in combat. Here is why:

We sent nearly 3 million Americans to Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, some did not come back. Less than one percent, to be exact. However, everyone was required to wear personal protective equipment. Specifically while traveling in military vehicles or outside of friendly lines. These items cover only a small percentage of your body, and do little for large explosions. The volume of protection a plate carrier offers pales in comparison to the ability of a mask to stop someone from sneezing in your mouth. Basic Training now requires the use of masks.

Service members have lost rank for taking helmets off while on duty. No reasonable infantryman would leave the base without their plate carrier. No leader would have allowed that. Yet something much lighter has been proven more effective at personal protection during this pandemic. The simple logic behind it is that bullets are scary and sudden. Dying in a hospital bed is not a graphic. Thus, it registers as less of an immediate threat.

A simple equation

Surgeon General Jerome Adams just said “Some feel face coverings infringe on their freedom of choice- but if more wear them, we’ll have MORE freedom to go out. Face coverings (lead to) less asymptomatic viral spread (which lead to) more places open, and sooner!” To summarize, this is a case of cause and effect.

Certainly that was a powerful statement from the top spokesperson for our nation’s health. There has been countless studies that support these facts. Despite this, many have refused to wear masks. Why is that? The first argument is they won’t help. That is glaringly false.

No one will give you an exact number, because of liability. However, two ply cotton masks have been proven to stop droplets. Meaning, the spray from sneezes and coughs. The CDC confirmed this being the main mode of transmission of COVID-19. If an infected person ejects a virus, it would make sense to have some sort of barrier, right? Swabbing of masks have shown the outside of a mask will test positive. However, nearly all the inside portions will test negative. Washing hands after removing the mask will drastically reduce transmission.

A duty to contribute

A second common answer is that it infringes on personal liberty. However, it is the responsibility of every citizen to help their nation. “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” the famous words President Kennedy used to challenge every citizen to contribute. Americans went without steel for years during WWII. That meant no cans, new cars or alarm clocks. The nation has always come together times of hardship. We conserve water during droughts and donate blood when their are shortages. We come together as communities during tragedies. Wearing a mask is am incredibly small concession to make.

Just because this is not as scary as a enemy combatant, does not mean it is not a threat. The nation has asked us all to contribute, and we should all answer the call. One mask at a time, until this too has passed.


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13 thoughts on “Why wearing a mask is like wearing PPE”

  1. is kind of crazy that some people don’t want to wear the mask.
    and now is either wear the mask or go to jail. I suggest that everyone wear the mask to prevent further contamination to others
    be safe people out there .

  2. Masks should only be required if your sick…If you want to wear a mask that’s your choice..I work in a hospital and I only wear a mask when in direct contact with a patient. I’ve tried wearing a mask when out shopping but your oxygen levels drop when your wearing a mask and I can’t last 5 mins before I start getting light headed. I can’t imagine wearing a mask in boot camp…I’m pretty sure basic hasn’t changed that much since I went and I do not see how anyone would think it was a good idea, especially in South Carolina during the summer, to wear a mask…sand fleas and a mask?

    1. Thank you for your insight. Several studies have shown that oxygen does not decrease significantly enough to register on an O2 test. Most experts attribute the light headed feeling to anxiety. Many cultures already wear masks to protect from illness in crowded public transport or to prevent inhalation of dust during travel. Also, drywall professionals, and other outdoor jobs, wear masks year round.

      1. Mr. Sharp, you are dead wrong. I get my O2 levels tested every time I go to a certain doctor. This past week was the 1st appointment they required a mask. My O2 level dropped 2-3% while seated from a normal test. The mask that the people in the trades wear normally are respirator type masks which are easier to breathe in, or at the very least they wear the ones that are the 3-M ones that give your face a little space and also are easier to breathe in. I worked in that industry and I can tell you emphatically those 3M mask, which would apply to the masks like the cloth masks most of us are being forced to wear now, did not come close to stopping everything. I used to cough up granite dust on bad days every so often. Do you honestly believe these masks are protecting you from a microscopic virus when it couldn’t stop dust particles? At the beginning of this mess they even said the masks were ineffective. The OP is right boot has to really suck with masks, but the oxygen does change. Also you are NOT properly getting rid of the waste from the breathing cycle with these masks. There is no way to look at the masks as good for any one.

        1. Thank you for your comment. I owned a labor company for 4 years, doing much of the work myself along with my employees. Our masks were not respirators. We also used neck gators over our faces in Iraq during convoys and dust storms. Our performance over long periods of times was satisfactory in both circumstances. A brief shopping trip will not be hindered by a mask. As per the article, they reversed their claims of the effectiveness of the masks now that far more testing has been done. Also, here’s a study from Stanford to substantiate my evidence https://digitalmedic.stanford.edu/myth/myth-face-masks-can-reduce-oxygen-getting-to-the-lungs-and-bloodstream/

  3. Thank you for your reply, Mr. Sharp. Filtered, not respirator. I don’t know why I had respirator on my mind. Have a good weekend.

  4. i don’t enjoy wearing a mask, it makes me hot and then i start coughing, BUT if it is going to help keep me and my husband, who is a heart by-pass survivor, then by GOD i will wear the thing and be thankful that i am doing my part trying to keep us safe but also those we come in contact with. We are still in the first round of this pandemic, if we don’t get it some what under control the second round will KILL MILLIONS. Please people, lets all do our part and wear your mask.

  5. It’s our God-given right whether or not we choose to wear a mask or face covering. Personally I will wear a mask or face covering out in public because I have a 10 year old son and my husband and I will do whatever is necessary to protect our son from this virus even if they are a pain to wear sometimes!

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