Thae Ohu

Thae Ohu: update from her family

We have an update to our previous report on Thae Ohu and the mystery surrounding her incarceration. We spoke to Pan Phyu, the sister of Corporal Ohu. She gave us the following statement from the family’s lawyer:

“Thae is a proud Marine and courageous survivor of military sexual assault. For five years she has struggled with being a victim of sexual assault. Our family is devastated that the Marine Corps has chosen to place Thae in a military prison instead of giving her the medical treatment she so desperately needs. We are asking the Marine Corps simply to do the right thing: to immediately release Thae from jail, stop the unjust prosecution against her, and provide her with adequate mental health services. What she needs, and deserves, is treatment and support from a loving community of family and friends. We hope that the Marine Corps will honor its promise to protect victims of military sexual assault, like Thae, by standing by her when it matters the most. Questions related to the case should be directed to Thae’s civilian attorney, Mr. Gerald Healy, at”

Thae Ohu defended by alleged victim

We we also informed of a letter that Cpl Thae Ohu sent to Senator McSally. The Marine claims she was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. She also claims it was the result of a psychotic break. Stemming from years of struggling to cope with PTSD from sexual assault. Thae’s boyfriend wrote a separate letter addressing the issue. The unidentified man claims that he in fact was the victim of the assault. However, he is strongly advocating for her release.

She is currently being held in a brig in Chesapeake, Virginia. The family released the following address for any who wanted to write letters of encouragement to Cpl Ohu.

Corporal Thae Ohu
Box 800
Chesapeake, VA 23322


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11 thoughts on “Thae Ohu: update from her family”

  1. This is a catch 22 I struggle with PTSD and have been on brink of loosing everything I worked so hard for around my kids wife career it’s a long Rd but I will be praying for her

  2. William H Streets Jr

    Something seems to be missing from this equation! And it seems the US Marine Corps has let this young Marine down in a bad way especially if she’s suffering from PTSD!!! She should be released from prison and given the medical attention she needs and most certainly

  3. Joshua Siebold

    So, she is in prison for assault with a deadly weapon against her Boyfriend. What does that have to do with being in prison for sexual assault committed against her?

    1. Thank you for your comment, her boyfriend stated the charges against her should be dropped. That the incident did not warrant the incarceration. Also, that it was merely a result of the neglect she has received from the Marines in regards to her assault, and the case being mishandled.

      1. Lequette O manning

        What happened with the deadly assault gun involved? This is confusing and did her boyfriend not protect her? Military holds information

        1. Lequette, The boyfriend is the person that she committed the alleged offence against. Not sure how you determined it was a gun, a deadly weapon could be any object that can be used to harm another.

          In any event, she should be getting treatment no matter the particulars.

  4. She needs to get in contact with Eddie Gallagher the Navy seal that was falsely imprisoned. They have a lawyer who could possibly help her and get the charges dismissed. If you can’t get a hold of them listen to the Mike Drop podcast, he tells it in there what the name of this lawyer is who got him completely off.

  5. Thae .. We live in a Crazy World where common sense doesn’t appear to be that common does it. But on your “Journey through Life” try not to let it STRESS YOU OUT!! I’ve heard that “10% of life is what happens to us 90% HOW WE REACT .. take a deep breath now ~~how we react.”
    CAN’T change the minds of ignorant people. But we can change OUR mind & how we react!!
    I believe & have read that most diseases/illnesses are “STRESS” related.

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