Pinks and greens

Soldiers hate new pinks and greens: “We look like discount Marines”

Pinks and greens

Phase III of the new uniform role out began in April of 2020. This is when the new Army uniform became “Available for purchase through Army and Air Force Exchange Service.” In July 2020, the uniforms were “Issued to Soldiers upon completion of Advanced Individual Training.” This has met mixed reviews from Active duty and Veterans alike.

Uniform reception

However, younger soldiers were not as unambiguous with their remarks. “The pinks and greens clash with my beret,” say SSG Notaleg. The 24 year old paratrooper then held up his maroon beret next to the uniform for our comparison. We concur, it did indeed clash. He also went on to say that he hated the new pinks and greens, because “We look like discount Marines.” SSG Notaleg remarked everyone in his unit thought the Marine service alphas uniform was much sharper in comparison. He concluded by saying “We got the great value version, while Marines are over there looking Gucci!”

A soldier, who wished to remain anonymous, said she thought the uniform was mainly just for officers and NCOs that were “WWII nerds.” She then stated “Higher should spend less time messing with uniforms, and more time worrying about Fort Hood!”

However, The Army is not calling them “pinks and greens” anymore. Army Greens is now the official title. The new classification, has done little to deter soldiers from still referring to them by the old nickname. Especially while expressing their dissatisfaction with the uniform. The move left some extremely puzzled. Especially, while wondering why a new uniform is required, when barracks are infested with black mold.

The Army has made a habit of changing uniforms multiple times over the last few decades. “I wish they’d pick something and just stick to it,” says retired Sergeant Major Frank Grumpy. Furthermore, SGM Grumpy says “Back in my day..” then began to rant, unintelligibly for 20 or 30 minutes. Finally, uttering something about haircuts before breaking wind and falling asleep. A stunning display of salty wisdom.

Responsible leadership

Regardless of the sloppy roll out, we are positive that no soldiers will have to pay out of pocket for this uniform. We are certain commanders will ensure everyone is issued the uniform. Particularly, before insisting that soldiers spend money out of pocket to purchase this for meaningless inspections.

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56 thoughts on “Soldiers hate new pinks and greens: “We look like discount Marines””

  1. Thibodeau Steven

    I was excited to get mine until I saw the
    Comments posted by other soldiers who already got theirs.


      1. if these were good enough for my father they are good enough for my son. I’m glad I retired before the army ruined my Dress Blues by making them a work uniform. I already have my Pink and Greens and I love them. just wish they would make the Ike Jacket for them like dad had,,,,

    2. Yeah, I hate to say it but they look stupid. The best-looking Army service greens were the 1960s version.

  2. Lmfao call them what they are DOLLAR GENERALS. Lmao. Pogs and remfs they should get a ribbon for having to wear that shit. Lmao. This great.

  3. I like the part it says “ We look like discount marines., because I am a Marine.
    God that’s funny to me boy.😂🤣🤣🤣😂💯🗣🗣👍👍♥️🖤😂🤪😔🤩🥳. But any ways I think they look great and they should keep ‘em

        (Every branch of service knows this.) 😉

        Ooooooo Rah

    1. It’s not replacing the Army Service Uniform, i.e. the Army Blues, the Army decides we needed a uniform that was less formal for day to day business.

  4. That’s what happens when everyone wants to be a Marine. Just because you want to be one does not mean your one.. Pink..😂🤣😂🤣
    Semper Fi…

  5. William Leoni

    I think they look old school WWII. But, will never match up to Marine Alphas. The Army’s previous class A uniform looked like shit. So, this is definitely an upgrade.

  6. It is a good looking uniform. If its worn with pride it will look like it. If its worn like an unwanted rag that is what the G.I.s will look like. So if you want to run around looking like joe shit the rag picker go for it! If not put it on with pride and make it look like you have pride in your service as a Soldier in the United States Army.

  7. I liked the “Dress Blues” over the “Class A” greens when I was in(never had to wear the greens in DC) so I really liked it when they became the official dress uniform. Just bought a complete set recently to be buried in when I die because the new uniform is a complete embarrassment. There was no need to change.

  8. Poguea$$Fobbit

    Why does the female in trousers wear her belt pointing to her right? The female in the skirt and the male both wear the belt pointing to their left. The trouser female’s military alignment is AFU too.
    It’s a good looking uniform. Too much gewgaw, but otherwise looks sharp.

    1. It’s on the other side of the jacket because women’s jackets open on the opposite side as a mans. This is so that a man can take off his jacket one handed while holding a weapon.

  9. Joseph Pereira

    During WWII pinks and greens were for officers. The enlisted and NCOs had a specific color green differing from the officer’s uniforms for both tops and bottoms. Assigning pinks and greens to all ranks is somewhat absurd. Although not shown in this article the visor cap (crusher cap) looks like it was made by a costume company. I like heritage, but this was badly executed.

    1. The US Army conducted poling with Enlisted Soldiers after WW2 on a host of things. One of the things they polled were the dress and service uniforms. They discovered was that Enlisted Soldiers did not like the Enlisted service uniform. That Enlisted Soldiers resented Officers for having sharper uniforms. They felt that all Soldiers should wear the same design when it comes to service/dress uniform. That it would create better unity within the US Army and less resentment. That’s one of the reasons why the old Green Class A’s created they they were. They were the same cut, color and design for both enlisted and officers.

      Making Enlisted and Officers Uniforms different designs is backwards thinking and stinks of the US Navy.

  10. Not sure what the problem is. Army has always been the off-brand / discounted Marine Corps. Now they just look the part too 😉 .

  11. Pinks and Greens have always been sharper then Marine Green Alphas. Its not even close. Army Mess Blues look better then Marine Mess Blues too. Marines have a better dress blue uniform because of cut.

  12. Jason Daniel Allen

    I love the P&G, the Blues where Nice, BUT, what should have happened was an updated look, material, and wearability of the Greens.

  13. Real Men (and women i guess) wear wool! Make those uniforms wool like the old ones! Then we will see who’s wearing deodorant and who’s not.

  14. the sharpest uniforms were the dress green of the 80’s they should have left it alone now our soldiers look like they were dressed from a 3rd world back water country

    1. No they weren’t. I still remember Soldiers in my units complaining about them in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Mint Green shirt, cheap nameplate, polyester material and dull 4 button civilian cut. That uniform was a boring compromise after WW2 that should have never happened. We had the freaking Pinks and Greens back then for God sakes!!!

  15. The army made a mistake having only fatigues and Dress Blues. It is good to see the Pinks and Greens are back in the middle.

  16. SSG George A. Moore, III

    The P&G made me feel that 2 tailors were bidding on uniforms for the Army. They tied as the lowest bidders. So, it was decided that to make everyone happy, they took the jacket design from 1 taylor and trousers from another. It would be a improvement to go back to the gold chinstrap for officers and warrant officers. Keep the scrambled eggs for the Field officersGrade . Better yet go back to the greens. The P&Gs are depressing to see and wear.

  17. As a veteran of 70’s Greens, I thought the blues were a mistake, harkening back to the Civil War Era., Personally, I think the P&G’s look sharper for daily wear, but agree with the similarity to USMC Uniform. I don’t have to wear ’ there’s that, but this is the 21st Century, not the mid 20th, but thank Heavens the 19th is now retired.

  18. Why is the Army always trying to reinvent the wheel when it cones to uniforms? The former Greens also referred to as Class A’s were good all around in quality and appearance when cared for and worn properly. You were distinguishable from any other service. The berets are hideous, unless you have a head appropriately shaped or you are looking to be a commando. The older garrison caps were better suited. Typical bureaucrats!

  19. New uniform color is good. Way to much “Bling” on uniforms. No regimental crest, foreign jump wings on right pocket. Left side. No staff badges, airborne wings only if assigned to airborne unit. Exception if you have combat jumps. No service ribbons. Only combat medal awards and commendation medals. CIB or close combat badge ok. No more than two skill badges. Full ” Bling” only on dress or mess dress uniform.

  20. Merc: I’ve been a private in the U.S. Military and I’ve been a Colonel in a foreign Army. I’ve served in lot’s of different Army’s, I’ve worn the Old Army Pink’s and Greens – purchased as surplus – for the Country’s government and I’ve also worn the Alpha Greens and dress Blues of the USMC. I’ve also worn the U.S. Army’s old beltless Greens, I’ve wore lots of surplus uniforms, from Italy, Poland, East Germany. So believe me when I say the Army’s new Pink’s and Greens are a Hell of a fine way to uphold the Tradition’s of the U.S. Army. American Soldiers should believe in those traditions and be proud of their new uniforms and the respect these uniforms will evoke from the American public whenever they are worn. Wear them with pride.

    1. the problem is the younger soldiers are not taught any history and have know idea what the pinks and green represent, in the marines you were taught the marine corps history and understand what was sacrificed for your country and why you wear the uniform with pride

  21. Charles McCaskill

    The new uniforms look like a bunch of Texas A & M Aggies, they have been wearing the pinks & greens since WW II. The old class A greens remind people of the Vietnam War, the new Blues look like crap compared to the old dress blues. Maybe we should go back to animal skins, they would probably be an improvement.

  22. This new Army uniform the “greens “ as they are called looks like the Marines uniform. This is exactly what I thought on my first look at the finished product. The color clashes with a few soldiers authorized head gear and it looks outdated compared to the former Class A uniforms.

    What is with the constant changes with the Army? For example the Army APFT, very good tool for measuring soldiers fitness and now they are complicating this test with more events that requires more time to evaluate and very expensive equipment to field to the units.

    Some things do not need to change and the Army uniform and fitness test are those things. The leaders need to be like the other military components (Marines, Navy, Air Force, etc) and stick to fighting wars and stop trying to trend with an style less uniform or an overrated, very expensive and excessive multiple event fitness test (ACFT) that’s not worth the time and money that it requires to be successful.

  23. I think this is a great uniform. As for the changes, I understand the reasoning for the original change getting rid of the old Class A greens, which were a truly atrocious color. The blue dress was a simple way to fix the problem and also a way of doing so inexpensively by utilizing an existing uniform in a slightly less formal manner. But I think it was always going to be a temporary fix. Now the dress blues, which are also a great uniform, are back to being solely for formal and semi-formal occasions and the army has a new service uniform, i.e., a new business suit for the office.

    As for the clash of color with the 47,000 different berets, I suggest to soldiers that they get reacquainted with the garrison cap. It looks sharp and it’s a lot more convenient to carry around than a Pershing cap.

    1. The newer garrison cap looks better then the old Class A ones. I can order one and put that beautiful 101st Airborne Glider patch on it with a Silver dollar sewn under it.

  24. First off Fix those Jacked up Gig Lines. No self respecting Wannabe Marine in Polyester Alphas should disrespect the opportunity they’ve been given to kinda look like Marines. SFMF!

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