Toxic Exposure Conference

Toxic Exposure Conference to be live streamed

For those following the saga of our quest for those suffering from toxic exposure, we’ve entered a new chapter. Actor Jon Stewart, and former VA Secretary David Shulkin will be among those involved at the upcoming Military Toxic Exposure Conference. Announced by CSO and Co-owner Tim Jensen, Grunt Style will be live streaming the conference on August 28th, 2020 at 6pm CST.

Toxic Exposure Conference

Below is a statement given to us by Burn Pits 360 c0-founder Rosie Torres:

“Burn Pits 360’s registry has received registry entries of over 7,000 service members and veterans. These heroes live in every state and in congressional districts nationwide. As a result, we are calling on Rep. Takano, Rep. Roe, Senator Moran and Senator Tester to grant us a burn pit hearing.

Additionally, Burn Pits 360 has partnered with the Veteran owned company Grunt Style to launch a Military Toxic Exposure Coalition. This coalition is made up of Veteran entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Also, it is comprised of allies such as the John Feal from the 9/11 Feal Good Foundatio. As well as Comedian/Director/Advocate Jon Stewart. We are taking the blue print created by the 9/11 community and applying it to our Coalition efforts to launch our call to action for presumptive disability benefits. As a result of debilitating illnesses Veterans are losing their careers, their families and some are taking their own lives. Congress must act quickly, the question shouldn’t be scientific. The question should be, “Are we fulfilling our moral obligation to protect and serve these service men and women?” Those that borne the burden of America’s defense?”

Consequently, It is time we recognize these injuries as an instrumentality of war.  We must take action to chip away at the complex web of barriers. As well as the obstacles erected by entrenched political and bureaucratic interests. Ultimately, we must fight anything that deprives a class of injured Veterans of healthcare and benefits.”

Toxic Exposure Conference

We must continue to collect victories. The DoD has already begun regulation of burn pits. Also they have begun collecting data on previous ones. Many Veterans have received official letters from the VA regarding toxic exposure. Although these are great steps, it is not enough. We highly encourage you to tune in and spread the word!

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6 thoughts on “Toxic Exposure Conference to be live streamed”

  1. Avatar
    Patrick Smith

    It great that Grunt Style is getting involved with the Coalition. It’s a testament to the care they have for our veterans.

  2. Avatar
    Jack Scheffler

    Grunt Style is elite and sets the bar and standard for all military support groups and clothing line to follow. Joining this coalition is a true testament for the compassion and empathy they have for their fellow brothers and sisters in arms and not just military but all front liners you guys are f@#$ing badassery!!!

  3. Avatar

    Grunt Style is a Great American Company and to support this coalition sets them way above the bar. I am a retired USAF DISABLED VETERAN 20 years active duty. I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan and experienced many exposures to burn pits and toxic materials being burned.
    Standing on a HLZ waiting for hours to be picked up while the black smoke and gases come over all of us from toxic burn pits.
    I salute
    You Brothers ‼️😎

  4. Avatar

    Thank you Grunt Style! Y’all are beyond awesome!! My husband served in Iraq in 2006 and also was exposed to the burn pits so its just so great to see someone like y’all getting behind such an important cause as this one!

  5. Avatar
    Catherine A Bradford

    Is this conference going to cover in part Project SHAD and Agent Orange exposure from Vietnam that caused huge health problems and ultimately the cancer that killed my husband in 2015? I should also mention that our grown children are experiencing similar health problems that I’m guessing were past from the genetic alterations from their father. When is the government going to finally learn their lesson?


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