Elder Fernandes

Elder Fernandes: Another Soldier missing from Fort Hood

Another Soldier has gone missing from US Army base, Fort Hood. Elder Fernandes, 23 is a member of the 1st Cavalry Division Sustainment Brigade. The 1st Calvary Division Twitter just released the following statement:

“We are seeking your help in locating Sgt. Elder Fernandes. Please contact the Fort Hood Military Police at 254-288-1170 or US Army CID at 254-287-2722, if you have any information on his whereabouts.”

Killeen Police Department Spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez stated the Fernandes family filed a missing person report with police on Wednesday. Additionally, that he has not been seen since August 17th. Sgt Elder Fernandes is 5-foot-4, and weighs approximately 135lbs. He was last seen wearing black Army PT shorts & T-shirt. He was also wearing red athletic style shoes.

KWTX reports that police said “Family members said Fernandes’ staff sergeant dropped him off Monday afternoon at his home in the 2700 block of Woodlands Drive in Killeen.”

Elder Fernandes
Sgt Elder Fernandes
The Fort Hood official Twitter account made an official statement.

“Our primary concern is for his health and well-being.”

They went on to say, “We have completed a search of the entire division area, to include motor pools, parking lots, and headquarters buildings and the unit is in contact with the soldier’s family, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division and civilian law enforcement agencies to help find him as we continue our search. Finding him and ensuring his safety is a top priority for the division.”

Elder Fernandes
Sgt Elder Fernandes

As you may remember, we found that there have been over 144 cases of missing, killed, and other servicemember related incidents in the last 4 years. Specifically, in only Fort Hood. However, the Inspector General made a controversial statement after his visit to the installation. Col Patrick Wempe stated “Fort Hood is overall meeting the standards.”

Anyone with information on Elder Fernandes is implored to call 911 and the Fort Hood Military Police. There number is 254-288-1170 or U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Department at 254-287-2722.

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12 thoughts on “Elder Fernandes: Another Soldier missing from Fort Hood”

  1. Brothers & Sisters I Think That Someone Is Targeting Lower Ranks ( E-5 & Below ) . Someone Who Is Problary EX. Military OR A Very High Ranking Person.

  2. Fort hood really needs to be investigated. He was dropped off at his home by his staff sergeant his family said. It’s time to hold the people in charge accountable for what they are doing and hiding, like when vanessa went missing, they signed her in every day, they were helping cover up what happened. Question his sergeant!

  3. I would like to know just what “meeting the standards” entails. Almost 150 soldiers from ONE base? Come on.. definitely something fishy about the entire command.

    1. I agree. Although I’m a retired Marine, I’m concerned about the well being of all our Nation’s warriors. Something terrible is afoot and although I have the highest regard and respect for the Army’s C.I.D., I would like to see them reach out to the F.B.I. and get them involved. I fear there’s a serial killer on the loose and the F.B.I. has resources that military police just don’t have, not to mention the experience of their serial killer hunting unit(s). I wasn’t a cop so I can’t speak intelligently to just what they possess that the military doesn’t but their budget alone gives them an advantage over military police when it comes to cases like these. I know there’s always been a rivalry between the different branches of the Armed Forces and I would think there’s a rivalry between ALL the different police forces (have other Texas police forces like the Texas Rangers been cross-checked with?) but it’s common sense that these Servicemembers didn’t all decide to go AWOL and just disappear. I hope the Attorney General gets involved in this situation because obviously when we’re talking about over 100 soldiers, someone is targeting these people. They need to put egos aside and join forces with the C.I.D. & F.B.I. putting their best investigators on this senseless, huge string of disappearances. Whatever they’re doing now obviously isn’t working so I can’t help but feel that the Army would welcome any help they can get. They owe it to the soldier’s families and to the Nation they protect to solve these crimes. And only a fool would think that there’s no evil involved in this. I would also like for the AG to make sure that this isn’t happening to members of the Navy, including the Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. I don’t want to sound like an alarmist but due to the transient aspect that IS the military, this could be happening in more places than just Fort Hood. As one person said on here it could be a former soldier, a group of ex-military, a group of powerful people and, I’ll add even terrorists, foreign or home grown. I know police can’t discuss an ongoing investigation but when it’s almost 150 people from one base, they could at least use the F.B.I. to ensure this isn’t happening at American bases everywhere. I hope it’s not but it’s possible at a smaller number. And have other soldiers that disappeared ever been accounted for? This had to start somewhere and only through different police agencies working together can many of these questions be answered. If it is ONLY happening at Fort Hood then surely it can be solved. Somewhere a mistake was made. I pray to God that it is, for the families of those men and women gone but for the future safety of all Fort Hood soldiers. And conducting an investigation and saying Hood is “meeting the standards” when almost 150 military personnel have vanished makes me wonder what the hell the standards are. Our warriors deserve better.

  4. The US needs to open the investigation. SOMETHING VERY WRONG, is going on there. Actions like this is foul play. NO service member is supposed to go missing or end up dead on their own Country Land. America they are fighting for you, they are dieing for you, Now they need YOU, be there voice, speak up, call congress demand answers for this family and require safety for all of our kids that may end up in this danger zone. Prays for the family.

  5. Michelle Fowler

    Threats and the like are not isolated to Ft. Hood, it’s just the base making news bc so many have gone missing and/or have been caught up in major criminal activity.

    My son’s NCO at Ft. Campbell threatened his entire team. Saying that he would send his bros after them and their families. What the hell kind of shit is going on in the Army these days? Zero Honor! I convinced my kid to join so he would get useful skills through training, one of the main things I preached was comradery. When I was in the Corps, we might not have agreed all of the time, but our unit was always tight — no matter what unit I was in. My cousin was Army and he says that’s how it was with him, as well.

    The fact that command can’t keep their people in check bc they won’t discipline someone is disgusting.


    I am afraid that the perpetrator may be targeting the Latin American community. Have you noticed the missing have all been Hispanic Americans? If anyone has any information about these or other crimes, please contact CID or the Kileen Police Department.

  7. Something very wrong happening here. A strong, thorough investigation from outside the base security teams needs to be done right away. They need to protect these men and women from whatever is happening there, scary to think it would be an active duty individual.

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