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Tanks Firing in Slow Motion: Best Thing You’ll See Today [VIDEO]

The advancement of technology has brought with it the advancement of some of the words coolest devices. Take the slow motion camera. It’s so advanced that many folks nowadays have them on their cell phones as a standard feature. Camera phones may be relatively new, but armored tanks have been around since 1915. However at the time of their introduction, it was impossible to capture exactly what the tank’s projectile looked like mid-flight. In 1950, an engineer for the U.S. Army named Morton Sultanoff, invented a super high-speed camera. This new device took video with frames at one-millionth of a second, and was advanced enough to record and document the shock and destination waves of a small explosion. Things have changed a lot since then.

These clips aren’t from a cell phone, but rather, from what must be one of the most expensive and advanced slow motion cameras in the world today.

For this segment someone used a really expensive camera (we mean really, really expensive) to track some great shots of tanks firing their main guns. To say it looks spectacular in slow motion would be an understatement.

Read the full story from World War Wings.

Game day bucket go boom

Rounds will vary in size, speed and force. Regardless, those bad boys are scooting. The M829 “sabot” round popular in America, can reach a muzzle velocity of  a staggering 5,500 feet per second. That is over 18 football fields in just the time it takes to say “One-Mississippi.”

Similarly, that is almost as fast as my ex-wife jumped to conclusions.

With the Marine Corps getting rid of all their tanks, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate this beauty. It is truly magnificent to watch this poetry in motion. Of course, the enemy can’t see exactly what is hurdling at them. Nevertheless, we hope they can appreciate exactly how much majesty was involved in their final moments. Much cooler than slipping down the stairs and hitting your head we suppose.

What awesome videos have you taken in slow motion? Do you have any great videos of tanks firing in real time? Let us know in the comments section and on our social media pages. We wish the best of luck to the Marine Corps tankers!


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