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Best and Worst MREs finally ranked

Let’s settle the debate. Which Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) is the best, and the worst? Sides have changed over the years, so we will be judging mostly the main components. Plus, any salt dog can trade sides with the squad to craft the perfect meal. With that stated, HERE WE GO!


1. Chili and Macaroni

You are higher than ISR if you picked anything but Chili Mac. Moreover, this MRE has both started, and ended blood feuds. The savory melody dances perfectly in your unworthy suck. Giving you the will to deal with another day of the green weenie. You could buy your way out of night post, or fire watch, with one of these bad boys. Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, “When the soldiers stand leaning on their spears, they are faint from want of food.” He also said, “If them boys hungry, give ’em some Chili Mac.” (Probably)



2. Chicken Fajita

The best thing about sweet delicious chicken fajita, is the versatility. You can place the main meal on the tortillas or use the inside of the bag as a bowl to mix it all up. For example, you can add in your rice, jalapeños cheese, seasoning packet and hot sauce. Boom. You have the equivalent of talking guns in your mouth and in your pants. My friend Pedro Hernandez said, “This MRE is the closest thing to real Mexican food the state of North Carolina has.”



1. Thai Chicken

This abomination was surely the concoction of terrorist and slow drivers. The slimly, mushy texture, and unpleasant smell made this the most disregarded meal in the box. Non-commissioned officers loved using it as a form of punishment. However, this ended when they were reminded about the Geneva convention’s stance on things cruel and unusual. Our combat engineer, Cpl Saetang, once blew one up with a quarter stick of C-4, because it was “an insult to the cuisine of his people.”

thai chicken


2. Cheese and Veggie omelette

The only reason this didn’t take 1st place was because one of the main components was pretty good. The granola cereal was the closet thing to a breakfast item you’d usually find. However, even that couldn’t redeem the awful entree. Vegetarian options are unpopular to begin with, and boy did the developers phone this one in. It looks, and tastes like, what you’d imagine they give prisoners in space prison. Even Afghan wolf-dogs wouldn’t eat it.



There you have it! Finally, the matter is settled. What was your most and least favorite MRE? Sound off in the comments below. Also, please share this article with your friends!

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19 thoughts on “Best and Worst MREs finally ranked”

  1. Avatar
    Christopher J Atencio

    I myself loved #9 beef stew with the cheese and crackers mixed in. Lil hot sauce. To die for!!!

    1. Avatar
      Craig A Hernandez

      I agree with top choice only because you can’t find Ham cheese omelet in the Dark Brown bag old school one right there.

  2. Avatar

    The my favorite was the cheese tortellini I loved that one. Plus it came with all the good stuff ranger bars and hot cheese. The cheese omelet was definitely my worst never had the Thai chicken one tho.

  3. Avatar
    David Berryhill

    My favorite, the 4 fingers of death (beef frankfurter), the older generation will know. They are no longer in circulation. Followed by ham slice with cheddar.

  4. Avatar

    Chicken Tetrazzini was my favorite, but it was only available for a couple years. Came with a chocolate shake too!

  5. Avatar

    As a veteran I have had pretty much every MRE we could get. My favorite one was the beef stew and a few others

  6. Avatar
    Craig A Hernandez

    I agree with top choice only because you can’t find Ham cheese omelet in the Dark Brown bag old school one right there.

  7. Avatar

    The chili and Mac is pretty good I’ve had a bunch of different ones and there are some that are really good and really horrible lol

  8. Avatar

    Captain country chicken was very tasty however it always made me nervous to realize that the inside of the packet was neon green from the sauce

  9. Avatar
    Christopher Leavitt

    Did not care for the Ham and Lima Beans – no one did, but that was what the Guide usually handed me. That and Scrambled Eggs. But the weirdest of all was “Chicken or Turkey”. Long, long ago and far away.


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