25 Children Rescued, 27 Men Arrested in Ohio Operations

Last week, 27 suspects were arrested during “Operation Moving Target.” The Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force led the 4 day operation. The Office of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor said, “The purpose of the operation was to identify and arrest individuals interested in engaging in sexual activity with whom they believed to be minor children.”

The County Prosecutor, Michael C. O’Malley, went on to say, “As we have seen the number of Cybertips dramatically increase this year, it is clear that online predators remain a serious threat to our children.”

As for the conduct of the sting, undercover officers posed as children on popular social media apps. The statement went on to say, “The defendants expressed an interest in engaging in sexual activity with the purported children and/or disseminated images of their genitals during these online conversations.”

Consequently, the defendants were expecting to meet minors at a predetermined vacant house. What they met instead were the police. Those arrested were taken to the Cuyahoga County Jail. Law enforcement state that, “Several defendants were in possession of firearms, condoms, personal lubricant, sex toys, and drugs.”

The charges include: Attempted Unlawful Sexual Conduct with a Minor, Disseminating Matter Harmful to Juveniles, Importuning, and Possessing Criminal Tools.

The arrested individuals include:
  • Adam Davis, 41, Painesville, OH
  • Rajwant Singh, 44, Mayfield Heights, OH
  • Germaine Truett, 38, Cleveland, OH
  • Jason Johnson, 37, Cleveland, OH
  • Ronel Washington, 24, Garfield Heights, OH
  • Hector Pietri, 29, Cleveland, OH
  • Kyle Vansteenburg, 28, Cleveland, OH
  • Raphael Robinson, 26, Cleveland, OH
  • Corey Huber, 32, Elyria, OH
  • Michael Labondano, 30, Lyndhurst, OH
  • Nicholas Cook, 38, Bedford Heights, OH
  • Chazz Johnson-Hawks, 22, Solon, OH
  • Ian Rensel, 43, Bedford, OH
  • Jerry Harris, 35, Westlake, OH
  • Carson Strnisa, 21, Seven Hills, OH
  • Justin Cowger, 22, Cleveland, OH
  • Kim Koran, 61, Cleveland, OH
  • Nathan Troup, 39, New Castle, PA (Registered Sex Offender in the State of Pennsylvania)
  • Abed Aldur, 45, Parma, OH
  • Arturo Martinez, 47, University Heights, OH
  • Phillip Jones, 30, Streetsboro, OH
  • Keith Kozak, 41, Brooklyn, OH
  • Pedro Correa Jr., 42, Cleveland, OH
  • Ryan Dempsey, 37, Ashtabula, OH
  • Johnathan Smith, 34, Cleveland, OH
  • Robert Spisak, 45, Broadview Heights, OH
  • Jason Schmucker, 37, Canton, OH

Children rescued in Operation Safety Net

Unfortunately, this is only a small step forward. Local news sources report that “200 children are missing right now in Northeast Ohio.” Also, that many more similar endeavorers are still underway. For example, the U.S. Marshals are currently leading Operation Safety Net. This task force is made up of around 350 personal. In addition to the information made public, U.S. Marshal Pete Elliott remarked, “These are kids that have been abused, neglected. Some involved in human trafficking.” Furthermore, that 1 in 4 of the children found had been victims of prostitution or human trafficking.

Operation Safety Net (U.S. Marshals)

As a result of Operation Safety Net, 25 missing children have been recovered, but the sting is ongoing. Moreover, U.S. Marshals rescued 39 children from Georgia last week. Marshals say that after the success of this task force, they will do similar operations more often. Likewise, they encourage the public to be vigilant to the many dangers their loved ones may face. Also, please give any useful information to the U.S. Marshals tip line at 1-866-492-6833.

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8 thoughts on “25 Children Rescued, 27 Men Arrested in Ohio Operations”

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    Where do I begin…?! Glad they’re off the street, and aren’t able to hurt any kids. Some are cheesing in their mugshots. WTF?! 😔

  2. Avatar

    You know I’m not in the military or law enforcement or a first responder because I was born with a disability. My dad served for 21 yrs and I just wanted to fallow his foot steps and give my time to society. And with everything going on with the whole race issue. I’m black and still stand up for my country and wear these shirts with pride. People often ask if I’m in the military with as much apparel I wear. I have to sadly say no. But I tell them I stand by them 100% what they do for us and the freedoms we have. Which may not seem like a lot these day. But I as a black man don’t see division. My mom is white so I grew up with people just being people. So I get flack wearing the american flag on my shirts all the time. But no one can tell me honestly another place they rather live. I love what you all do for this country. Maybe not every thing that is done but you all inspire to me what a man should be and what it is to be a contributor of society. So thank you for my freedoms that I do have that you all still fight for today. And your clothes are just bad ass!! Prayers and be safe!

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      You should be able to support america and its people by any means you find agreeable and makes you happy without worry of offending someones delicate sensitivities. They arent offended they are brainwashed. I have 20 year old biracial twin boys and they were brought up to just see people as people. All the same. Theyve never had a racist issue im aware of. Im my city im the minority and ive had many racists attacks on me.

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      Chris you keep wearing your shirts and support those you look up to. We who have worn the uniform appreciate the support and it make me happy we were able to good things on the behalf of good people like you. Wear you flags with pride and don’t let people get you down.

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    They should be burned at the stake or dropped in the ocean or fed to rabid bears or crucified in the burning sun — something appropriately grisly for child predators. They are not changeable; they need to die to protect all children. Period. Full stop. The end.

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    I, unfortunately, have lived the life of some of those children. As an adult, I wish they had more task forces like this when I was younger. These men, and any women who helped them, deserve nothing less than death. They have a mental imbalance that is not correctable by medication or therapy. I don’t care what psychologists say, once a pedo always a pedo. Off with their heads.


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