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The President Wants Joe Rogan to Moderate a Debate

Twitter can be a magical place. It can also be a trash fire, but I digress. Regardless, things took an interesting turn for Joe Rogan today when President Trump retweeted a post from Green Beret/ MMA fighter, Tim Kennedy. The Ranger, and special forces operator tweeted the following on September 13th. Now this is apolitical, so grab some popcorn and watch the show.

“On my podcast with @joerogan he offered to moderate a debate between @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump It would be four hours with no live audience. Just the two candidates, cameras, and their vision of how to move this country forward. Who wants this? #debates #Election2020″

Via Twitter
To which the president replied by saying “I do!”


rogan trump
Via Twitter

There has been no word from former Vice President Biden in regards to agreeing to this unusual debate. Joe Rogan is considered to be the most popular podcast host, in the world. He is also a commentator for the UFC, stand up comedian, and actor. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Joe Rogan is taking his podcast exclusively to Spotify Technology SA in a licensing deal worth more than $100 million, according to a person familiar with the matter.” Clearly, Rogan has a huge voice, and platform to reach the voter.

However, Joe Rogan has not pulled his punches with previous remarks about the president. Sometimes this has set him at odds with die hard GOP supporters. The host of the Joe Rogan Experience, has a reputation of being very outspoken, to put it lightly. Nevertheless, he has also panned Joe Biden’s actions in the past. Rogan has expressed a begrudging acknowledgement of Trump, but he formally endorsed Bernie Sanders earlier in the election. This of course being before Sanders withdrew. Seemingly, this may lead to a true unbiased debate.

Go vote!

Who ever you are voting for in this election, this would be a very interesting debate. Particularly, because of the younger audience Joe Rogan has been able to amass. We wonder how the candidates would change their debate format. Also, the memes would be hilarious. So, we won’t tell you who to vote for, only that it is your right as an American! To register to vote today, go to

The official web portal of the United States federal government says, “Online registration “Every state except North Dakota requires citizens to register if they want to become voters. Depending on your state, the registration deadline could be as much as a month before an election.” Additionally, to make sure you use official, government websites to register in the 40 states that allow it.

Hopefully, this election gets more entertaining to make up for the lack of Saturday Night Live parodies. Sound off in the comments below!

“…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” – Abraham Lincoln

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1 thought on “The President Wants Joe Rogan to Moderate a Debate”

  1. Mr. Biden or Kamala will NEVER debate our President. They do not have a track record to debate , they do not have the knowledge of truth to debate and they do not have the support of the American people to debate ! They are anarchist supporting extremist who value their own opinions over all other opinions and demand their own power while refusing the peoples power! If they don’t debate, if they don’t publicly campaign then they can not be held accountable for they issues of society they have created or be held to fact checks and responses to all their lies!

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