Suicide up 20% in Military During COVID

Military suicide has gone up 20% compared to this time last year. The Department of Defense would not say it’s specifically because of coronavirus, but they alluded to this. Military suicide has long been a serious matter. However, many leaders have said this pandemic has added stress to an already stressful job. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the Associated Press, “We cannot say definitively it is because of COVID. But there is a direct correlation from when COVID started, the numbers actually went up.”

He went on to say, “I can’t say scientifically, but what I can say is – I can read a chart and a graph, and the numbers have gone up in behavioral health related issues.”

The US Army was worried this might happen. They conducted research in May as to the effects the lockdown would have on soldier’s mental health.

US Army

Many troops have been on base lockdown. Meaning, they are unable to leave the immediate area for holidays. Additionally, troops are spending longer on deployments, and training exercises. This is to facilitate a 2 week quarantine on both the way in and out. James Helis, director of the Army’s resilience programs, said “We know that the measures we took to mitigate and prevent the spread of COVID could amplify some of the factors that could lead to suicide.”

To make matters worse, many stress relief activities are no longer options. Bars, dancing halls, sport facilities have all been subject to strict control measures.

Resources can be found by clicking here. You can also call 1-800-273-8255

During these crappy times, make sure to reach out to those in our community. Furthermore, reach out if you feel yourself slipping down a dark path. You can seek treatment for mental and physical injuries alike. There is no shame in wrapping a sprained ankle. Thus, there is no shame in reaching out to someone to talk. Looking into what is available will also make you better prepared to help others in need.

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7 thoughts on “Suicide up 20% in Military During COVID”

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    Suicide in the Military is a serious issue that needs stronger attention. And in my husband’s case, when he sought help, he wasn’t treated the same. Thank God he didn’t commit suicide but he was met with such disapproval that he didn’t re-inlist when his time was up. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it is on the soldiers now with all the restrictions. My heart goes out to them and their families.

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    Is there a way for civilians to reach out to a soldier by phone to offer support or solace? If anyone can give me info?

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    Suicide is a close subject to my heart! On 8/18/20 will be two years that my husband committed suicide! He stayed up for two days straight, he thought I was cheating on him, and he was drinking! The day he did it I will never forget when he pushed me against the wall , this is from a man that had never touched me before! I had a interview and he thought I was going to met someone! I started brushing my teeth. He bent down said something softly and then the sound of a gun going off! I know what had happen! I was numb! I told my story because we had a deal. If one of us had bad thoughts the gun would go into the gun safe immediately! This time he didn’t come to me. I found out at his funeral that he had been talking to the Pastor that his work provided! For 3 months! When a love one does this they leave so many what ifs! Please I have had that devil on my shoulder since I was 14! I have gotten this far! I Thank God for that! I say my prayers at night out load! Really talk to him! If that doesn’t work go outside and start a diary! Think about the fact of looking back and saying “HELL YEA I GOT THROUGH THAT AND I AM STILL HERE” !!! 🤬🤬😷✊🖕🤘🙏🌓🇺🇸


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