Suspect Charged in Ambush of Two LA Deputies

Deonte Lee Murray, 36, has been charged with attempted murder for the attack on two LA County Sheriff’s Department deputies. The announcement just coming the suspect has been identified. Harrowing footage emerged of a gunman approaching a parked police cruiser and opening fire. The deputies were struck multiple times, but survived.

Gunman flees after ambushing 2 officers

Protestors met the ambulance at the hospital, and 5 individuals were detained for blocking the entrance to the ER. A small by standing crowd chanted, “Let them die.”

Both officers have been released from the hospital, and are still recovering. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the actions of the shooter and protestors were the “worst of humanity.”

These atrocious deeds were met with an overwhelming amount of support from the community. However, after a massive manhunt, the LA County Sheriff’s Department discovered the shooter was already in custody for a different crime. The suspect was arrested for allegedly carjacking, and shooting a man in the leg. The 51 year old victim survived the assault.

Authorities were able to link a handgun Murray discarded while being pursued, to the shooting of the two deputies. Moreover, it is rumored the reward for information about the shooting swelled to over $700,000. This being the result of donations from private citizens calling for justice. It is unclear if anyone will receive this reward.

If convicted, the suspect is facing life in prison. Although, authorities claim to be extremely confident in their evidence. Additionally, Murray pled not guilt to the initial carjacking charges. Stay tuned for more updates as this story continues to unfold.

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    This country needs a wake up call! The ones that think theyre “badasses” will get one if the fit ever hits the shan!


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