Video: See the DOD approved drone that is AI enabled

Technology has been rapidly advancing, especially in regards to drones. However, many whistleblowers sounded the alarm over the military buying Chinese made drones. The fear being they could be used against us or hacked. As a result, the Pentagon has only approved 5 drones for military sales. The Golden Eagle, made by Teal,  has caught many people’s attention as the drone to watch. This is mainly because of its advanced encryption, autonomy, and deep American made roots.


Teal’s website makes the following statement:

“We’ve built the first drone mass produced entirely in the US, with DoD compliant components. Teal’s Golden Eagle is versatile, secure, quiet, and packs onboard computing and a state of the art FLIR EO/IR payload.”

The truly unique aspect of this drone is the ability to assist in disaster relief as well. The DOD has sought to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help with disaster relief. This give the AI enabled Golden Eagle an advantage to help save lives. It features a powerful camera and infrared imaging. Fully encrypted, the Golden Eagle can provide GPS denied navigation. Also, the drones have long range, and are virtually silent with the correct stand off.

Additionally, Teal has said, “Golden Eagle is an American-made sUAS designed to be applied in a variety of use cases within the Department of Defense and other Government agencies. The Golden Eagle’s primary application is short-range ISR capabilities in government operations, but has been adopted by industry for managing wildlife and land, as well as infrastructure and security.”

Drones on the rise

Teal Drones began in Salt Lake City back in 2014. Founder, George Matus, was only 17 year old at the time. Recently, it was announced that Teal Drones would be partnering with Virginia based tactical company Aspetto for future collaborations. Abbas Haider, CEO of Aspetto said, “We get great insight based on the feedback and conversations we have with those that use our tactical gear. This led to several conversations about drones and the importance of American dominance in this emerging sector. As a result, we found the best company to partner with.”

This certainly makes the future exciting to watch. Especially through the infrared lens of a futuristic drone.

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