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CSM addresses the controversial shoot house video

CSM weighs in

10th Mountain Command Sgt. Maj. Mario O. Terenas released a video statement regarding a viral training incident. Saying, “I want to address the recent shoot-house video that’s been circulating online. Thank you, to everyone that brought this issue to our attention. It will get fixed!”

He went on to say, the video is a few months old, and they are still figuring the situation out. This is not surprisingly considering the 1oth Mountain Division is massive. However, the CSM wanted everyone to know this was not the standard, and he will not tolerate this in his unit. Many on social media, including the Command Sgt. Maj. of the Army, applauded CSM Terenas for owning accountability, and applying direct leadership to resolve the issue.

shoot house
CSM Terenas @climbtoglory7

What is all this about?

If you missed it, social media has been blazing with a startling shoot house video. At first glance, it appears to be helmet cam footage of a 10th Mountain Division unit practicing live fire room clearing. However, anyone who’s handled a weapon can tell you several things wrong with it. To view the video on Facebook, click here.

It begins with an initial breach, and engagement of targets. As soldiers move into the next room, they cross right in front of the still raised muzzles of the soldiers holding security on a door. This dangerous action of pointing your barrel at a team mate is commonly known as “flagging.”

The disregard for one of the most basic weapons handling rules alarmed many viewers. Customarily, training immediately ends if this occurs. The offender would also be counseled, or disciplined, for not lowering their weapon. This rule is instilled in troops to prevent accidental shootings of friendly forces.

Throughout the video, multiple soldiers can be seen with muzzles pointed needlessly at their backs. For those who have never had a gun pointed at them, it is nerve racking.

shoot house
“Flagging” Video

What is a shoot house?

A shoot house, or commonly known as a kill house, is a place where forces can practice close quarter battle or CQB. They systematically move from room to room, engaging targets with blank or live ammunition. As a result, this improves a units combat efficiency, and unit cohesion. Consequently, they are inherently dangerous because of the close proximity.

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1 thought on “CSM addresses the controversial shoot house video”

  1. Blah, blah, blah! We look at this and all say, “This is wrong!” “In my day,… “ Yea, sure got it. Then again,… what do you expect. Maybe it’s one incident. Piss poor leadership. Yea, let’s blame the first supervisor. Perhaps it was a turd bag? Maybe the profiles were all joined in to show all of their modern warfare skills?

    The truth is you and I don’t know a damn thing. Except what you have seen and what you are being told. “This is NOT the standard.”
    Oh yeah? So what are we looking at? It is the results of leadership. It is what has come from years of decline in the “Backbone” of the Army.

    Years before this we sat in the ranks and watched as the “Standard” was chopped up to bad bad bad. We also suffer from paper cutouts of what are supposed to be NCO’s. There is a difference you know, between SGT’s and NCO’s. Perhaps we have forgotten that as well?

    On the line, it is done, or supposed to be done,… wait for it,…… By The Numbers! You bet your ass your first line leader made that happen. Your Squad leader made you do it over and over again. One team against the other. Then Squads against squads. Platoons vs. platoons. Companies vs. companies, and Bn vs. Bn.
    Everything on the line to be the best. To do your best might not be good enough to be the best, but that is what training does. Repetition, by the numbers. Never do you train and not have eyes on you from at least 2 levels higher.
    If you don’t believe me about all this competition, ask the 82nd who is better? Them or the 101st? The big point, you bet your ass you didn’t do stupid because you are dealing with 2 options. Being strong or smart.

    So then what? Well this is what is the product of crap. If leadership didn’t know what was going on, then that is just poor leadership. You just expect to say “That is not the Standard,” and save your ass??? No! That’s not how it works. It’s your job to do it. To make sure that those under you KNOW that and follow it. That is why you spot check and do circulation. Instead we get a political commercial telling us what we all know. Instead of trying to be Mr Biden how about quit trying to impress us by saying what we all know and get it fixed. But no! Let me turn this into something positive. Sorry bud, this ain’t NTC and we are not trying to do all that.

    Let me tell you what is gonna happen. Some low level SGT is gonna get dealt with and his career is over. Yet,… by this video, the unit is freaking either stupid, don’t know, did know and didn’t care, and now trying to cover their own ass by sacrifice.

    I bet you won’t check to see how many times this ID-10T was in charge when under investigation? The unit came out in the Army Times as poisonous leadership.
    This is a cardboard cut out of an NCO. A garrison soldier, poor one, but then again look at what he has that he didn’t know about. It’s Freaking Training!! With eyes on 2 levels up, or should have been. It’s at the shoot house that is a training facility for UNITS. It’s going on and this is how it was done under HIS leadership!

    So don’t think that this is still the old Army. It is filled with turds who have been able to hide and squirm to survive. The result is proven in a dumb video that Soldiers were making to do what???

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