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Call to Action: Burn Pit Testimonials Needed

In preparation for reintroducing Burn Pit legislation, Senator Gillibrand’s office is asking for military members and their families to submit a 30-45-second video explaining how Burn Pits and other toxic exposures have impacted their lives. This is a crucial time in the fight to get health care for the Veterans who have been impacted by this.

Bun Pits
Sen Gillibrand

If your health has been damaged by exposure to a burn pit, this is a chance to make a difference. Record a short video of your story and submit it below.

Filming Tips 

– Film horizontally on your tablet or phone.

– Film in a quiet space.

– Press record then count to five before you begin speaking.

– Tip: use stacked and heavy books to prop up your camera.

– Lighting tip: face a window and do not put any light behind you.

– Multiple takes is OK! There is no pressure to do it perfect in one take. Repeat yourself as much as you feel comfortable.

Please submit your videos by clicking here:

Together we can make enough noise that we cannot be ignored.

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