VA confirms fourth stimulus payment for Veterans

Today, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs sent an email out regarding a fourth stimulus payment. The email stated the following:

“The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of the Treasury, and the Bureau of the Fiscal Service recently announced they are disbursing more than 25 million payments in the fourth batch of Economic Impact Payments from the American Rescue Plan. Many of these payments will go directly to Veterans and their beneficiaries.”


How payments are determined:

“The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and the IRS worked together quickly to ensure that Veterans and their beneficiaries would receive their stimulus checks without additional paperwork or IRS filings. VBA shared data with IRS on Veterans and their beneficiaries who receive Compensation and Pension (C&P) benefit payments who don’t normally file a tax return.”

Furthermore, the Office of Financial Management stated, “People who do not normally file a tax return and do not receive federal benefits may qualify for these Economic Impact Payments. This includes those experiencing homelessness, the rural poor, and others. Individuals who did not get a first or second round Economic Impact Payment or got less than the full amounts may be eligible for the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit, but they’ll need to file a 2020 tax return. See the special section on Claiming the 2020 Recovery Rebate Credit if you aren’t required to file a tax return.”

When can you expect a payment:

“The IRS has already started processing these VA payment files. Because the majority of these payments are disbursed electronically, they should have been received on the official payment date of April 14. The IRS projects VA beneficiary payment information would be available in the Get My Payment tool.

No action is needed by most people to obtain this round of Economic Impact Payments. Additional information on Economic Impact Payments is available on”

Help for Homeless Veterans

Unlike the 3rd Economic Impact Payment, this will not require a filing of taxes to receive. The stipulation of the 3rd stimulus left many veterans who don’t file taxes without a payment. Veterans who are homeless may not file taxes, or have a permanent address to receive a check. Some who receive disability compensation, are given a free checking account, and debit card, to receive their monthly payments.

No additional information is available, but we will follow this closely. What will you spend you check on? Sound off in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “VA confirms fourth stimulus payment for Veterans”

  1. like always those who fought for this country shead their blood are always left out or last on the list sgt vg johnson daido vet g company 0n3 of the three left at the 3 day of bsattle

  2. James L Carr lll

    Retired Disabled Vets, like me, are being left out of California’s, Golden State stimulus package, where undocumented workers are receiving the extra $600.00 stimulus from the state, please make some noise on our behalf, Thank you
    Spec. 5 James L Carr lll

    1. Same with vets who are shoved aside for VA Health Care, government job opportunitiesm and other benefits. Illegals come first and foremost as usual and if we complain, we suffer the consequences. However, our dear politicians still deceive us and want our votes and gives us a swift kick in our teeth.

    2. Travis Dean Causey

      Shameful and a travesty that undocumented illegal immigrants received $600 relief payments,and veterans ( who served our country) did not. This continues to show how “The Left” doesn’t care about it’s own citizens( #americansabandoned # Afghanistan) once again. Pray for our country ,military and veterans.

  3. Sylvester McPherson

    I have not receive a check or stimulus payment yet. I was in the Air Force from the 19th December, 1971 until the 19th September, 1976. The V. A. should check them out.

  4. Joseph George La Rocca

    I am a Viet Nam era veteran receiving non-service related disability pension from the VA. Will I receive a fourth stimulus check and for how much?

  5. I am a vet behind on my payments on home if this check comes in it will help right now 14000 behind and growing need help bad all vets I’m sure facing some kind of problem . But we all stay strong and keep our head up because we FIGHT to be and American and hope for bettern days ahead for all and help were possible at times and a quiet way not tring to be in the spot light . GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THIS GREAT NATION!

  6. Saundra J Scott

    My husband was a marine vet. he is deceased now my son was a navy vet. he had a stoke at the age of 39 he is not able to work he has a speech impairment but was denied disability. so now he lives with me cause he was homeless and now he is my dependent I am on a fixed Income, and needs some serious repairs done for my home yes I struggle sometime getting things done cause I gets no help from the government once again people on fixed Income too often gets left behind my son even tried to get food stamps but was denied because he was homeless and I his mother took him in and he was told that I his mother made too much money from my fixed income.

  7. 9/7/2021 I am a 100% Service Connected DAV, and I just read that another benefit or stimulus check is being paid to everyone shortly, will I get one, I heard you have to be married and supporting children
    Waiting for a response
    Harold B Gross,

  8. I am 100% rated DAV, did not know about this new stimulus check, I live off my VA pension, better check my checking account to see if I received a payment, that would be great, I need some repairs on my 2006 Pick up.

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