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Marine Vet makes 5th appearance on Naked and Afraid

Ryan Holt had an impressive career in the Marine Corps. The Maine native did multiple combat deployments and was honorably discharged after 8 years. However, he wasn’t done pushing his limits. Not too long after he took off the uniform, he took the rest of his clothes off. On national television no less. Holt has made a remarkable 5 appearances on the hit TV show, Naked and Afraid.

The Marine faced down everything from sharks, to alligators. All while in the buff. Totaling over a hundred days filming in the wild. Recently, he gave a vivid account on the Smoke Pit Podcast.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Ryan’s journey is that he is just as adventurous when he is not on television. Holt has hiked the Appalachian Trail and gone on hundred mile snow shoe expeditions. All in an attempt to deepen his connection with nature, and grow roots deeper in himself.

naked and afraid

Semper Thrive

Additionally, Ryan runs Veteran programs and a wilderness lodge in Maine. The Human Nature Hostel offers nature retreats, as well as spectacular views. Likewise, Ryan has an initiative named “Semper Thrive.”

“Each week, I will be leading a group of Maine Veterans for a full day of wilderness recreation! This is an opportunity for our Veterans to get outside, relax, enjoy themselves, and embrace in some much needed camaraderie,” Ryan states enthusiastically. His website also goes on to say, “Once you arrive, this is an all-inclusive day with transportation, gear, lodging, lunch, dinner, breakfast, AND, AT NO COST!”

In order to attend, you just need to “be a Maine Veteran, sign-up, show-up, have fun & thrive.”

We certainly wish him the best of luck. Tune in and watch the new season of Naked and Afraid Legends: XL on Discovery Channel. Also, comment below anyone you’d like to see featured.

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