Arming AI: Gen Asks, “Is it even necessary to have a human in the loop?”

Last month, General John Murray of the US Army Futures Command addressed an audience about Artificial Intelligence (AI). The listeners at the at the US Military Academy learned about training exercises that involved drones. He also discussed the possible integration of autonomous artificial intelligence using weaponry. These complex scenarios he painted involved the possibility of “swarms of drones” as potential threats.

Murray posed a thought provoking question by inquiring, “Is it within a human’s ability to pick out which ones have to be engaged?”

Furthermore, he asked the crowd, “Is it even necessary to have a human in the loop?”


We previously reported on the use of AI in DOD approved drones for search and rescue. However, these drones are for search and rescue. Now, the Army is asking the question of what is next? There is no shortage of DOD initiatives to develop future technology.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) alone claims to have “more than 200 different programs across the spectrum of science and engineering.”

In 2018, DARPA announced they had begun a multi-year project for artificial intelligence research and development. The total cost being around $2 billion and covered approximately 50 new and existing programs. DARPA stating, “Key areas of the ambitious campaign include automating critical DoD business processes…”

These processes include: security-clearance vetting, reducing power, data, and performance inefficiencies. As well as, improving the reliability of AI systems and enhancing the security of AI technologies.

We use a lot of AI, but would it be a good idea to allow AI to control weaponry? Sound off in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Arming AI: Gen Asks, “Is it even necessary to have a human in the loop?””

  1. The “Swarm”, receiving instructions from the “Mother Ship” can search for, locate, and obliterate a perceived enemy or in the wrong hands can become weapons of great concern. Brace yourselves.

  2. William Watts

    It’s never a good idea to give a machine the ability to be self aware and to have the ability to destroy the human race…just what we need terminator in real life…

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