Violent But True

Season 5 of Violent But True Bedtime Stories Begins!

Violent But True Bedtime Stories returns with a fifth season of pulse pounding excitement! Hosted by non other than the First Sergeant. His velvety tones are like a fine glass of scotch for your ears. So, sit back, grab a beer and enjoy another exciting Violent But True Bedtime Story!

Well, hello there, you curb stompin’ bloodthirsty sweethearts! It’s been a hot minute since we’ve been able to share some violent tales of valor with you! To kick off season 5 of violent but true bedtime stories with the First Sergeant, we present MOH recipient Dwight “Destroyer of Worlds” Johnson. Dwight enjoyed long walks on the beach, salt on his margarita and stacked so many bodies in one day that “Destroyer of Worlds” is not irony, just fact.

violent but true
Dwight Johnson (US Army)

On Nov. 19, 1968, Dwight Johnson received the Medal of Honor for his heroism in Vietnam. According to the Army, “Johnson was assigned to Company B, 1st Battalion, 69th Armored Regiment, where upon reaching enemy fire, his tank became immobilized. He then climbed out of the tank and began firing with personal weapons, killing several enemy soldiers. Once out of ammunition, he killed an enemy soldier in hand-to-hand combat before extricating a wounded crew member from his platoon sergeant’s tank, carrying him to an armored personnel carrier and returning to battle.”

After the war, Johnson began to struggle with severe PTSD. Things began to spiral, and he found himself in a large amount of debt. Johnson was shot in a failed robbery attempt and passed away on April 30, 1971. He was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Rest In Peace.

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