Alligator Wanders into Florida Post Office

Florida is a wonderful, if not frightful, place these days. This headline is no exception. Yesterday, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Department released the following statement in regards to an alligator:

On 06-09-2021 at 3:32 a.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the U.S Post Office facility located at 8501 Philatelic Road in Spring Hill in reference to a 7-foot alligator roaming the lobby area.
The alligator was observed by a patron who came to the post office to mail a package. This post office location features automatic double doors that allow entrance into the lobby.
A trapper responded and safely removed the alligator from the lobby.

Alligator Comments are Golden

This post sparked a viral reaction from locals. As a result, the announcement had nearly 800 comments by the next day. Here are some of the best ones below:

Hailie Marie stated, “He’s got postcards to send to family back home. Mind your business.”

Ferdinand Kerner said, “it’s florida – nothing new here.”

Tammy R Bender also remarked, “Maybe it has a package it’s waiting on from it’s cousins down here in Gainesville…😆🤣

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