US Medic leaps to treat crash injuries on Italian highway

Sgt. 1st Class Chantley Kiser is a noncommissioned officer at the US Army Health Center in Vicenza, Italy. He was passing the time on a lengthy bus ride when an accident left several people badly injured. Kiser is a medic with 20 years of trauma experience, and leapt into action.

The Army states, “Three people were inside the overturned car. A mother was driving. Her son was in the front seat, and a grandmother was in the back. Reaching in, Kiser turned off the car’s engine.”

Cristina Lopez was escorting Kiser’s group of Soldiers back to Vicenza from a day-trip to Genoa’s aquarium. She also accompanied Kiser to the accident, and began to assist.

“There were three or four vehicles in front of us. I knew something had happened,” Lopez stated. “A car in front was flipped upside down.”

Medic responds

Kiser began assessing the situation and taking vitals. Also applying treatment, and first aid to cuts to stop bleeding. Lopez acted as translator, helping to asses injuries, and give the patients instructions from Kiser. One of the passengers was far more injured than the rest. He appeared to have a broken arm and deep cuts in several locations.

“I did not extract him,” Kiser recalled. “He had broken bones and I did not have the right equipment. I didn’t have a [cervical collar], so I was not going to move him around.”

At this time, the other soldiers present began to direct traffic and coordinate with arriving Italian medical personnel. Once all the injured were safely evacuated, Kaiser and Lopez, as well as the other soldiers, simply boarded the bus and continued their journey home.

“Everybody can have some part to play,” Kiser remarked. “There is always somewhere you can help.”

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