Charlotte Reavis

Day 3- Allies vs “allies” and no one is winning

We are now entering day 3 of Turkey advancing into Syria.  Both sides are experiencing costly losses and still, the … continue reading

Green Beret to be awarded Medal of Honor

Take yourself back to April 6, 2008.  What were you doing?  Was it memorable? Now, was it Medal of Honor … continue reading

Why are people not allowed to be polite!?

By now, you have probably seen all of the social media drama about Ellen Degeneres sitting next to former President … continue reading

Show of … support? Multiple U.S. cities raise Chinese flag

San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia.  Three cities in three different states.  All of them raised the Chinese flag around Oct. 1st, … continue reading

Should VFWs be moved, sold or otherwise?

Recently, we got wind that VFW Post 696 in Owensboro, Kentucky may have to relocate because their city tax rates … continue reading

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