Charlotte Reavis

Negotiating with Terrorists? US vs Taliban


Peace. War. Peace. War. Peace.  It seems at every turn, the Taliban changes the tune on what they want.  One … continue reading

Goodbye Darkness, my Old Friend

Let me start this with, grief and sadness are assholes.  They come in and just take over everything, not giving … continue reading

Kidnapped American in Afghanistan

Earlier today, Newsweek released an exclusive story about a former Navy diver kidnapped in Afghanistan.  Mark R. Frerichs is his … continue reading

Not your grandfather’s landmines

When you imagine landmines, for the most part, you turn to a Vietnam War era picture.  Men running through a … continue reading

Veterans get an Xtreme Xperience!

Recently, Xtreme Xperience reached out to Grunt Style stating they would like to host more veterans.  Grunt Style jumped on … continue reading

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