Our community camaraderie goes unmatched

First off, when we say ‘our community,’ we mean more than just military.  Military, first responders, law enforcement and other … continue reading

What is Sober October and why you should consider it

First of all, if you don’t watch American Grit Live, you’re wrong.  We talk about a lot of things in … continue reading

Something Else about China Today!

Today marked the 70th Anniversary of Communism in China and they came out with …. how should we say…. a … continue reading

Army Combat Fitness Test- Ready, Begin!

If you are in the Army, unless you have been living under a rock, you know the ACFT is here.  … continue reading

Headlines reflect tragic heroism

This week while scrolling through the news, a couple of tragic stories caught our eye and we thought we should … continue reading

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