BREAKING- Jersey City Shooting

Just a couple of hours ago, New Jersey police were in a standoff in a crowded neighborhood street in Jersey … continue reading

Meals for Vets feeds younger generation

Are you under the age of 60 years old?  Are you struggling financially and having a hard time getting a … continue reading

3 fatal military events in 3 days- 2 shootings, 1 crash

This week has been fairly tragic for the military.  More specifically, the helicopter crash and two Naval base shootings that … continue reading

Gun sales so high they could arm the Marines

Earlier this week we perused the headlines to see what shenanigans took place during Black Friday. (Most of us here … continue reading

USA Petite Miss shows the Army has beauty and brawn

Now that Natalie’s picture got us your attention…. You never know who is going to walk into Grunt Style! Natalie … continue reading

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