Navy loses $126 million in aircraft parts (Could it be all the 10mm sockets? No? Darn.)

So, right off the bat, we hope the headline makes our mechanic friends chuckle. But seriously… we recently read about … continue reading

Last known Coast Guard WWII POW to return home

77 years after his death, Lt. James “Jimmy” Crotty’s remains will return home.  Crotty played an integral part in turning … continue reading

Who’s a Good Pupper Doggo!?! I, the slayer of ISIL scum, is!

Hey guys! It’s me! I’m SO EXCITED YOU’RE READING THIS! I’m a really good pupper doggo and I recently got … continue reading

‘Double, double toil and trouble’ for ISIL

The last 72 hours have probably been pretty interesting for ISIS, ISIL, whatevertheycallthemselvesthesedays. And by interesting, we mean disruptive.  The … continue reading

Be the change you wish to see – VOTE!

It is very obvious that in today’s society, things are getting out of hand.  Currently, news headlines talk about taking … continue reading

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