“Cpl. Chad O” Foundation fights prescription overuse for PTSD

"Cpl. Chad O" Foundation fights prescription overkill for PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is caused by experiencing an event with extreme circumstances surrounding it.  Consistently, military members are forced to … continue reading

Stryker vs Tank: Who Wins?

I remember being on my first deployment in Iraq when the Stryker teams rolled by and I was in aww.  … continue reading

4 Naval suicides, same carrier, too many!

Across the nation, this month is all about Suicide Prevention. Most of the people reading these articles know the military … continue reading

Just here to be ‘one of the guys’?


Let’s be real, #WeCantAllBeJohnFannin, ya know, the main dude for this American Grit thingy you’ve been reading…  I gave that … continue reading

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