Massachusetts State Legislature, why are you a “BITCH”!?

Oh yeah, we are calling these BITCHes out for sure.  Massachusetts State legislature is literally filing to have the word … continue reading

BREAKING: First all woman space walk completed!

The first man in space happened in 1961 and women first entered space in June of 1963.  Today, the first … continue reading

Military Women’s DC memorial turns 22!

Pearly white gravestones aligned perfectly for what looks like miles is an image easily conjured when referencing Arlington National Cemetery.  … continue reading

Multiple gun manufacturers win AR-15 lawsuit

On Oct. 9th, the U.S. District Court (Southern District of Ohio) ruled against Primus Group, LLC in their case against … continue reading

Transition Tuesday- Writing Resumes

Transition from military life to the civilian world is something quite a few struggle with.  The lingo, structure, and well, … continue reading

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