Daniel Sharp

Daniel Sharp is a Marine Infantry Veteran with 5 deployments in his 12 years active duty. He also is the creator of Pop smoke as well as the host of the Smoke Pit Podcast.

Veteran underemployment is killing our community

There is a big fucking problem in this country. Veteran unemployment has thankfully been going down. However, underemployment is the … continue reading

Military divorce rates vs civilians


We all know someone who got divorced while in the military. It fucking sucks to see, or to go through. … continue reading

2A Poll- How do we stop shootings without infringing our rights?

“…shall not be infringed” is stated very clearly in the Second Amendment. However, we spend more time defending our Constitutional … continue reading

New York gun bill requires social media password!?

“New York is 1 of 6 states with constitutions that do not explicitly protect the right of the people to … continue reading

Virginia’s “Assault firearms” ban moves forward

Voted 12 yays to 9 nays, the Committee on Public Safety Virginia House Bill 961 moves on to the next … continue reading

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