Daniel Sharp

Daniel Sharp is a Marine Infantry Veteran with 5 deployments in his 12 years active duty. He also is the creator of Pop smoke as well as the host of the Smoke Pit Podcast.

Body armor company making masks to donate to hospital

Aspetto, a company we have previously reported on, has converted their manufacturing power to start producing face masks. The local … continue reading

Rubber bullets to enforce social distancing!?

There have been reports of extreme COVID-19 countermeasures all over the world. One shocking report is that South African police … continue reading

On the frontlines: NYPD

The state of New York currently has 37,258 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Through the uncertainty, there have been many examples of … continue reading

Survival kits: according to combat Veterans


Travel restrictions are sweeping the world, and now is the time to gather any last minute supplies. We asked 3 … continue reading

Quarantine movie list: military edition


If you are under quarantine, or just practicing social distancing, you may have the idea to watch a movie, or … continue reading

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