Darian Browning

USS Johnston – The Little Ship That Could

The United States Army’s Sixth Army launched the Battle of Leyte on October 17th, 1944.  Supporting the landings as well … continue reading

Stranger Than Fiction

Castle Itter was a 19th-century castle located in northern Austria, being used by the Germans as a prison to hold … continue reading

The First D-Day – American Expeditionary Force

The Battle of St. Mihiel occured between the 12th and 15th of September, 1918. This was the only offensive to … continue reading

The Rebel Banker

In August of 1781, the Continental Army under George Washington had finally trapped the British forces under General Charles Cornwallis … continue reading

The Ratification of the 14th Amendment

Following the American Civil War’s end on May 9th, 1865, the United States Federal Government had it’s work cut out … continue reading