"Angry" Dave

September 11th is not Veteran’s Day

For many of the men and women fighting in this nation’s seemingly endless war, there has been a pride shared … continue reading

Nova Point Capital

Nova Point Capital

If you love rants like I do, Dave Ramsey has some of the best. The financial guru and radio host … continue reading

Amazing Benefits of Deadlifts That You And The Opposite Sex Can Both See


Ever wake up in the gym missing half your teeth right after doing a set of deadlifts with way too … continue reading

7 mysteriously missing body parts of military leaders


When dictators get toppled or governments change, things get chaotic, to say the least. Sometimes a despotic leader gets to … continue reading

Opinion: CBS show ‘SEAL TEAM’ embarks on suicide mission.

“THIS FALL on CBS, catch the newest hit drama to hit the big network airwaves.  Go inside the day to … continue reading

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