Faisal Sipra

Faisal "Fez" Sipra served as an 0351 infantryman with 1st Bn 8th Marines during the Gulf War and with 2nd Bn 8th Marines as part of the Special Purpose MAGTF- Guantanamo/Haiti. He has also served with Joint Task Force 6 along the Arizona-Mexico border with 2nd Bn 25th Marines. Now a member of the private sector, he continues to devote time to recognizing Marine Corps history and advocating for fellow veterans .

3/3 scout snipers

Modern Hard Corps Stories 1: 3rd Bn. 3rd Marines

Modern Hard Corps Stories Modern Hard Corps Stories is a monthly segment here at American Grit. We will take you through the modern history since the end of the Vietnam War to the present. Consequently, covering some of the greatest units that make up the United States Marine Corps. Our first Modern Hard Corps Stories is …

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Stephen B. Lewis

A Servant to a Mission

Stephen B. Lewis Here at American Grit, we aim to share stories exactly that-American Grit. Stories of courage, commitment, and sacrifice. Often times those stories are about those in uniform in distant lands. However, we also recognize the many stories of “Grit” that happen everyday across the American citizenry. One such story is the story of …

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“I’m alive, I’m alive” – The story of Scott O’Grady

Earlier this month, the US Military marked 25 years since one of the most successful Tactical Recoveries of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP). The ultimate success was the recovery of Air Force Capt. Scott O’Grady, but also the success of a joint service operation and the validation of doctrine knows as “TRAP.” As the Cold War …

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The Corps’ missed opportunity?

Ask any Marine what phrase is most said by the Corps, and you will likely get the answer, “Once a Marine always a Marine.” A mantra that Marines of all generations, rank and status swear by, with one exception, Recruiting Command. The practice of recruiting Prior Service Marines is an area the Corps unfortunately misses …

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A Memorial Day Perspective

Memorial Day is again upon us, and the current abnormalities of our lives notwithstanding, the deep emotions and memories of our fallen are felt by many of us.  Also present during Memorial Day are the awkward moments and conversations. We see and hear: “Don’t thank me for my service,” “This is about the ones who never made it back,” …

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Farewell Coogan’s- a Marine’s Tavern

This past week, a landmark of New York City- Coogan’s restaurant and bar, announced that it was permanently closing its doors after 35 years. Considered to be an icon of the city, Coogan’s almost closed its doors 2 years ago due to high lease issues.  Immense support from it’s patrons succeeded in convincing the powers-that-be to keep Coogan’s lease at an appropriate amount. …

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The Commandant’s Gamble

If the hysteria over finding toilet paper was not enough, March 23 saw Marines taking to social media platforms and expressing outrage over an article published by the Marine Corps Times and Wall Street Journal. The article outlined the Marine Corps’ Commandant’s plan to eliminate Tank units as well as a major reduction of artillery …

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An Interview with the former Marine Raider Regiment CO

American Grit had the opportunity to speak with Retired USMC Col. Andrew Milburn. The former head of the Marine Corps’ Special Operations Regiment talked to us about his soon-to-be released book “When the Tempest Gathers,” his 3 decades of service that took him from Mogadishu to the war against ISIS, and why Marines are so …

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