UPDATE: Tom Petty Passes Away

tom petty

This afternoon CBS erroneously reported that Tom Petty died. In fact, Petty suffered a massive cardiac episode and many outlets … continue reading

At least 50 dead, 400 injured after mass shooting in Las Vegas

vegas shooting

Late Sunday night gunfire erupted at a Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas. A lone gunman with ten rifles started … continue reading

American’s Are Making More Money!


President Trump’s new tax plan should help a lot of Americans save more money, but a recent study has found … continue reading

Wolverine is Back! Marvel’s Logan is Reborn


He’s back. Albeit no yellow and black spandex, but he’s back. Across the Marvel universe there was mourning after the … continue reading

Another reason to drink beer tonight!

national beer day

We’re going to need 100% participation in today’s event folks. No complaining or whining, nobody likes the mandatory fun days, … continue reading

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