Pabst Blue Ribbon Lives On

Hipsters and budget beer drinkers alike may rejoice. The once in peril Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer has reached a settlement … continue reading

F-16 Booty Call

It’s not every day that a full bird colonel takes his multimillion-dollar F-16 out for a booty call. And to tell … continue reading

Russia Fakes Syria and Goes for The Ukraine?

Long has Russia been involved on the opposite side of the United States in Syria. He has supported the regime … continue reading

The Equivalency of Getting Hit with the Navy’s Experimental Railgun

The railgun has been scrapped, sort of. At least temporarily. Due to the high power demands as well as the … continue reading

Oakland University Armed And Silly

Look, we get that not everyone is comfortable packing heat. If you want to, you do, if you don’t want … continue reading

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