Grunt Surprises Everyone By Reading a Book

A grunt read a book! Granted the book was meant for 5th graders, but the soldier made headlines nonetheless. Usually, … continue reading

Ground Pounders Get No Love

JLTVs will not be used if there is a conflict in the near future. Why? We just don’t have enough … continue reading

This Time We Sent Two

As always, whenever the United States Navy conducts freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea, China gets super … continue reading

PFC Dates Girl From Ocean Side, Doesn’t Get STD

Everyone put everything down and stop whatever the f*** it is you’re doing. We here at American Grit have just … continue reading

China Rushes to Build Nuclear Aircraft Carriers

China is looking to get them all by 2035…Obviously one cannot simply shit out an aircraft carrier with a nuclear … continue reading

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