Hard to Sympathize With Iran

Every single act of terror should be condemned. Now. That being said, it’s hard to sympathize with Iran as one … continue reading

NBA-The No Balls Association

Yeah, we said it. So what? Steph Curry, or Lebron James gonna come to my house and give me a … continue reading

A Day in The Life

His eyes cracked open with the ring of his alarm. He lay there, motionless in bed as it blared on. … continue reading

Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere

It’s safe here in the United States. Relatively speaking that is. Right now it’s safe for us to sit at … continue reading

Monetizing Friendship: Paying Influencers To Be Your Friend

Wow. We thought our lives were pathetic. So much is the literal lust for relevancy that people have devised a … continue reading

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