In The Absence of Orders…Glendon Oakley

Tearfully he gave an interview to the local news station, a hero, a man who’d never call himself that. A … continue reading

There Is No Solving This Issue

Twice in one weekend. WE’VE GOT TO DO SOMETING…but what? Ever since Cain slew Abel, there has been evil in … continue reading

BREAKING: Admiral Richardson Drops Charges on Jacob Portier

Admiral John Richardson has dropped the charges on Navy SEAL Lt. Jacob X. Portier who was set to go to … continue reading

The Sandy Zone: Strange Indeed

You are about to enter another realm, another world, where things operate quite differently than what you are used to, … continue reading

Fear of An Arms Race Is Dumb

After the United States officially left the INF Treaty today, everyone in seems to be afraid of a “new arms” … continue reading

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