Don’t Touch Our Drones Either.

How dumb must these dudes be? Literally. All Iran had to do was do nothing. But alas…being legitimately pants on … continue reading

Dear Dad

As I get older, I realize that there was much you didn’t know about being a father when you had … continue reading

Iranian 2nd Lieutenant To Blame For Indicting Iran

Look, if our 2nd Lieutenants can’t find their way off of a Land Nav course, what makes anyone here think … continue reading

Dude, We’ve Got You On Camera (VIDEO)

We’ve got you on camera. You’d think with all the “upgrades” to their military and the saber rattling they’ve been … continue reading

Extremely Dangerous Weapon Accessories

Folks it should be no surprise to you that firearms come with a wide range of accessories that can either … continue reading

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