“The 11th Order”

Every time I hear the word Ramadi…I feel a bit nostalgic. I sit back and reflect on the time spent … continue reading

You Can’t Threaten The President

Want to get this disclaimer out of the way. Not an endorsement. You can’t threaten the life ANY U.S. PRESIDENT. … continue reading

Taliban Offensive…

Oh boy. These shit sticks are at it again. Not even a week after detonating a VBIED outside of Bagram … continue reading

Why the Marine Corps is Unstoppable (Revised)

Truth is stranger than fiction. There are tons of military news and informational websites that promise to tell you the … continue reading

Scientists Are Putting Human Genes In Monkeys

Why? To make them smarter. Yes, scientists are inserting human genes into monkeys in order to make them smarter. Ok…like … continue reading

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