New Recruiting Slogans For Each Branch

It seems like there is a lull in recruiting now that the services are drawing down and the wars are … continue reading

Some Russian Trolls Get It

Now now, we know what you’re thinking, but trust us, you’ll want to read on. If you live in Russia…we … continue reading

Cruise Versus Bieber…FIGHT

Oh man. This is great. It’s so ridiculously stupid it’s almost poetic. Justin Bieber, of Canada (boo, boo Canada) wants … continue reading

Russian Ship Almost Collides With USS Chancellorsville (Video)

Russia or as we’re fond of saying the Diet Soviet Union…what a bag of hammered shit. Their most recent provocative … continue reading

Crisis Averted in The Middle East?

Thank Harambe that coolers heads have prevailed and the crisis has been averted, for now at least. The USS Abraham … continue reading

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