Nukes At The Speed of…Floppy Disk

Ok. So disclaimer. WE HAVEN’T THE FAINTEST IDEA HOW LAUNCHING A NUKE GOES. We only know what we’ve seen on … continue reading

Stop Romanticizing Suicide

After last week and pissing everyone off by suggesting that you cut the users and abusers of your kindness out … continue reading

This Whole Turkish/Kurdish/Middle Eastern Quagmire

Well, this is shocking. And by shocking we mean totally predictable in every single way. That whole ceasefire everyone was … continue reading

It’s Comforting To Know…

That Knob Creek’s bi-annual machine gun shoot can be mistaken rungunstoHongKong for a war zone. Obviously, shame on ABC for … continue reading

In True Military Fashion

As U.S. forces left positions this past week amidst Turkey’s impending incursion into Syria and against the Kurds, the members … continue reading

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