The Gun Quotes You’ve Always Wanted

Since everyone has decided to adopt the stance of “GuNs ArE bAd BuT nObOdY iS cOmInG fOr YoUr GuNs,” we … continue reading

Weekly Reminder To Not Forget About Jeffrey Epstein

Hey, everyone out there in internet and social media land. We just wanted to remind you that despite all of … continue reading

Area 51 Chronicles: The Pickup

She slid her finger up on the touchscreen of her iPhone X. *bling* Another match on Candy Crush while she … continue reading

Justice For Cyntoia Brown

First off, she shouldn’t have ever been jailed in the first place. Johnny Allen was shot dead by Cyntoia Brown … continue reading

Purple Heart Day

War creates wounds of many types. For some they are unseen. For some, their wounds are an ever-present physical reminder … continue reading

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