Omar Gonzalez

Omar Gonzalez

The 5 C’s to pick out a Concealed Carry

concealed carry

Not every CCW is created equal; you want to choose your weapon carefully before you begin to carry. Here are … continue reading

TOP 5 Reasons you should prepare yourself with an EDC Bag


Why you should prepare yourself with an Everyday Carry bag. The idea of preparedness is that you should organize your … continue reading

5 Tips to Improve Your Pistol Aim

pistol aim

1.) Slow Down Everyone wants to shoot fast, but when shooting at a faster pace you will always sacrifice accuracy. If … continue reading

Rescuing somebody from an ice fall

ice fall

Call 911, it’s best to get help on the way just in case your not able to become the hero … continue reading

A Guide to choosing the right Knife; EDC Knives

Karambit, Tanto, or a Spear point? Confused? Let Alpha Outpost show you an overview of everyday carry knives. In this … continue reading