Todd Dangerfield

Todd Dangerfield

Navy SEALs Inspire Every Cool & Deadly Thing Ever (SATIRE)

Recently a German man used a trick to survive off the coast of New Zealand for several hours. He used … continue reading

Military Unsure How To Act In Peacetime (SATIRE)

With the removal of troops from Afghanistan and Syria expected to take place relatively soon and the overwhelming public opinion … continue reading

Man Who Turns In Guns At Gun Buyback Surprised When He’s Robbed (SATIRE)

This past Saturday, Michigan City held a gun buyback where several citizens from the city dropped by the police station … continue reading

Russian TV Posts Target List On TV (Satire)

Amid President Putin’s comments about the United States deploying missiles to Europe, the Russian state-sponsored television posted an…interesting target list that … continue reading

Chronicles of Mattis: Episode Two


James Mattis kicked back in his chair and sighed before laughing as he talked on the phone with Chairman of … continue reading