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Travis Mandell

Former South Florida Police Officer and Detective. Certified in criminal investigations, narcotics, tactical response and firearms. Now that he is in the private sector, he enjoys his constitutional freedom of speech once more. He's always down for some fishing, motorcycle adventures, or camping in the great outdoors.

walleye fishing methods
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Supple showers sprinkle the Midwest as spring comes to full bloom.  This means one thing for freshwater

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crime scene tape, home defense shooting
How ToSurvival

First and foremost, breathe. Focus on inhaling through your nose and exhaling out your mouth.

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gun in hants, revolver, black and white gun
How ToOpinionReviewsSurvival

It’s nearing the witching hour.  Zero Dark Thirty.  Do you envision yourself clearing each room of

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gun free zone, no firearms in schools

It happened again.  As if we were watching a scene from some off Broadway production,

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