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Travis Mandell

Former South Florida Police Officer and Detective. Certified in criminal investigations, narcotics, tactical response and firearms. Now that he is in the private sector, he enjoys his constitutional freedom of speech once more. He's always down for some fishing, motorcycle adventures, or camping in the great outdoors.

modern day camelot, horses in crowd control, patriot policing

King Arthur’s Camelot.  A time when righteousness and valor reigned supreme. The fictional king and

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THAAD missile defense, arming the saudis

With the recent media coverage of the U.S. government selling arms to Saudi Arabia, the

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times square accident, protecting pedestrians

The latest trend in Islamic terror-related acts on “Western soil” involves a simple weapon. The automobile.

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row house gardens, harvesting vegetables in a city
Food and DrinkHow ToLife HacksOutdoorSurvival

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, it’s time to get those hands dirty. The green thumb is

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nuclear test, friday explosions, bomb video

We love explosions, almost as much as we love Fridays. I get it. It’s natural. So,

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C-5M super galaxy, military logistics, transporting helicopter

If you were looking for pictures of scantily clad women blasting 50 caliber armaments, then

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small arms tech, battlefield science

The smart bullet. A concept that went mainstream thanks to the 1988 Hollywood box-office smash hit

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