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Travis Mandell

Former South Florida Police Officer and Detective. Certified in criminal investigations, narcotics, tactical response and firearms. Now that he is in the private sector, he enjoys his constitutional freedom of speech once more. He's always down for some fishing, motorcycle adventures, or camping in the great outdoors.

police dogs bite, apprehension k9, police work

The first public use of police dogs stems back to Sir Charles Warren, Commissioner of

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real men, dirty hands, date ideas
FoodFood and DrinkHow To

We’ve all been there. The sweaty palms. A palpitating heart. The seemingly endless opportunities to

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fake news, cnn effect, unbiased reporting

It’s nearly every day I see the hashtag “Fake News” popping up on one social

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fall bass fishing, smallmouth techniques, autumn largemouth run
How ToOutdoor

It’s that time of year again. Cold fronts are sweeping the land and water temps

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grunt style

As per usual, the folks over at Grunt Style are up to something amazing. The

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modern day camelot, horses in crowd control, patriot policing

King Arthur’s Camelot.  A time when righteousness and valor reigned supreme. The fictional king and

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THAAD missile defense, arming the saudis

With the recent media coverage of the U.S. government selling arms to Saudi Arabia, the

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