American Grit Stories

The “General’s Armada”- One of the most brilliant Naval campaigns and the Marine who led it.

August 2, 2019
Joseph Medina

To say that Brigadier General Joseph Medina (USMC Retired) has warrior blood would be an understatement. His father managed to … continue reading

Remembering a Giant of the Corps

June 28, 2019

Battalion Commanders are never the same after learning of the loss of any of their Marines, a feeling that literally … continue reading

Stan Lee: A Marvelous Man

November 13, 2018

Today we mourn the loss of a man who not only created characters that we loved, but he found a … continue reading

Andrew Bedard: A Good Friend

October 4, 2018

Let me take this time to tell you all a story about a good man. A good friend. Andrew Bedard. … continue reading

Ivan Perez: The Road to Success is Paved With Hardship

September 26, 2018

It’s a common theme we see. Veterans come home, have difficulty transitioning, then boom, suddenly they are incredibly successful. It … continue reading

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