Grunt Fit

Army Combat Fitness Test- Ready, Begin!

If you are in the Army, unless you have been living under a rock, you know the ACFT is here.  For over a year now, big Army has been talking about and field testing their new Combat Fitness Test.  The test is 6 events and measures full body strength plus endurance. The six events are …

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The Grunt Fit App

We’ve got the exclusive on the new Grunt Fit app that launched a few days ago. Here’s the awesome thing about the app that nobody else is doing. It’s going to keep you in control, but take out some of the stressful legwork involved in staying in shape and getting healthier. We won’t promise you …

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Grunt Fit: Eating Healthy

Eating healthy. A phrase that confuses and irritates many. What exactly is healthy eating? How can “I” build and develop healthy eating habits? The truth of the matter may shock you, well maybe not “shock”, but you’ll definitely learn that eating healthy is not as insurmountable of a task as it may sound like. Truth …

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