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Veterans get an Xtreme Xperience!

Recently, Xtreme Xperience reached out to Grunt Style stating they would like to host more veterans.  Grunt Style jumped on the opportunity and brought along a couple of veterans to drive the Xtreme Xperience supercars.  After all, it’s not everyday someone offers you the chance to drive a McLaren! “We are America’s premier supercar company,” …

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Bootleggers: The Heroes We Deserved

Crime doesn’t pay. We’ll usually unless you were one of the bootleggers who proved that if you’re not first, your last! See there is an American past time that involves telling folks to go do something to themselves that wouldn’t be tolerated in polite company. The Prohibition Law, which we’ve already talked about not working, was …

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Autonomous Car Woes

We’ve been writing on this for a while, the idea of a machine being better than man when it comes to performing a variety of tasks. Sunday night, an autonomous Uber car, with an emergency backup driver experienced a crippling setback. The vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. This is sadly the …

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Automated Car Crash

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. A Tesla automated car crash earlier this week brings new questions to the viability of these self-driving cars. While human error is something we’ve grown to accept and be relatively comfortable with, not that it’s good or beneficial, but rather we accept the fact some drivers …

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