Alaska HS is a (meat) cut above the rest

December 15, 2019

When you think of Alaska, you probably don’t realize up to 70% of the state is completely uninhabited, except of … continue reading

Meals for Vets feeds younger generation

December 6, 2019

Are you under the age of 60 years old?  Are you struggling financially and having a hard time getting a … continue reading

Don’t let hunting season kill your relationship!

October 14, 2019

Hunting season is upon us and as November approaches, it is about to be in full *pew* swing. Half of … continue reading

Battle of Burgers

March 8, 2018

Time to settle this debate once and for all. The Battle of Burgers! Team Whataburger vs. Team In-n-Out vs. Team … continue reading

A Southern View on Portillo’s

February 27, 2018

Look I’m from Texas. I love Whataburger. It’s a part of who I am. This weekend, I had the pleasure … continue reading

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