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Excessive drinking hurts the economy?

Excessive drinking hurts the economy? According to an article from CBS News, excessive drinking is hurting our economy. This is based off of a new study from the Center for Disease Control. Here is their article: The astronomical costs associated with heavy alcohol use are taking a major toll on the U.S. economy, according to …

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Grunt Style Beer reviews- I

Grunt Style Beer reviews- I  1. True to its American heritage, Yuengling Light Lager is an exceptional brew that appeals to consumers who don’t want to sacrifice character for a low-calorie light beer. It has been masterfully developed to maintain the full flavor profile akin to our flagship Lager brand. Skillfully pairing a caramel malt flavor …

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Bacon BBQ Meatballs

Bacon BBQ Meatballs All right College fans, it’s that time of year again. Saturdays are once again going to be filled with hours of games while we watch our favorite teams and conferences on their quest to the College Football playoffs and a shot at the 2016 College National Championship in Glendale Arizona. No matter …

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Bacon Brawl

Bacon Brawl  Alright Grunt Style fans, you may have noticed the numerous bacon articles in the last few days. Grunt Style and Bacon Freak are proud to announce the 2015 Bacon Brawl!  In honor of International Bacon Day, we are hosting a month long video competition involving all things bacon. Have a special way to make it? …

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Makin bacon

Makin Bacon To follow up on our love of all things bacon, we decided it was time to figure out how to make it. After scouring the Interwebs to compile the steps needed for this process, and stumbled across an article by Wylie Overstreet of that fit us perfectly. Bacon.  It has a wonderful place in human …

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