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Because Beer, Bacon, and Bourbon aren’t just delicious- They’re a lifestyle!

Global Beer Shortage More Dangerous Than You Think

Well shit, there goes our weekend plans in about 80 years. Supposedly due to the changing climate, barley will be scarce near the turn of the century. Look, this is actually a far more dangerous epidemic than originally thought, I mean honestly, how do you think you’ll pacify the thousands of bloodthirsty infantrymen in the …

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History of American Whiskey

From the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, American whiskey made it’s debut in 1791, making American Whiskey just three years younger than our constitution. Great thing that whiskey was, it drew a lot of attention from the newly formed government. President George Washington (damnit George!) tried to levy a tax on the whiskey. George, …

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A Southern View on Portillo’s

Look I’m from Texas. I love Whataburger. It’s a part of who I am. This weekend, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of Chicago’s not-so-secret secrets. I say that because while everyone from around there knows about Portillo’s, I certainly didn’t. I had honestly never heard of the place until it was recommended to …

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