World War Meme

January 10, 2020

Amid rising tensions with Iran, current and former troops are not holding back. All over social media, there is a … continue reading

Bring Back LINE Training

November 21, 2019

As always with a new Commandant, the Marine Corps has the opportunity to shift focus, to adapt their fighting to … continue reading

Ever Elusive CONUS Kill

November 19, 2019

Man…all these bored GWOT Trap Lordz are just hoping for the day a motherfucker would…Ah, welcome readers young and old. … continue reading

The Sandy Zone: No Liberty Incidents

November 12, 2019

What you are about to read is a tale so peculiar, so odd, that if you believe it, you’re definitely … continue reading

What’s Going To Happen When You Get A Belgian Malinois

November 1, 2019

Yeah, everyone wants the Belgian Malinois or Maligator breed now because it’s been biting the fuck out of terrorists for … continue reading

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