The Sandy Zone: Strange Indeed

August 2, 2019

You are about to enter another realm, another world, where things operate quite differently than what you are used to, … continue reading

Star Studded Summit On Climate Change Sees Guests Arrive In Style.

August 1, 2019

Rather than taking their expensive mega yachts or private jets to Sicily for the summit on climate change, several celebrities … continue reading

Veteran Without Beard Accused of Stolen Valor

July 31, 2019

Good morning, afternoon or evening, for those of you reading, we come to you with a tragic story of a … continue reading

Area 51 Chronicles: Day of the Chad

July 30, 2019

The heat waves rose dramatically as if this were the opening scene of a movie, but this wasn’t a movie…this … continue reading

Marines To Get Punished For Getting Caught, Not Smuggling

July 30, 2019
getting caught

If there is one thing the United States Marine Corps cannot stand it’s being shitty at your job. Whatever your … continue reading

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