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Gratitude to the Post 9/11 Veterans

Every generation of veterans respects and appreciates the generations of veterans that have come before us. There is no question that their sacrifices made our military, and nation, what it is. However, what about the gratitude to the generations that come after? That generation is that of Post 9/11 veterans. Respect Due No conversation among …

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make extra money

How Veterans can make extra money during COVID-19

During the midst of the global pandemic, there are about 30 million Americans claiming unemployment. However, the world is still turning, and it’s hard to keep up. Inherently, the know-how to keep yourself afloat will allow you to push to the next objective. Here are some quick tips for Veterans to consider that will help …

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The Corps’ missed opportunity?

Ask any Marine what phrase is most said by the Corps, and you will likely get the answer, “Once a Marine always a Marine.” A mantra that Marines of all generations, rank and status swear by, with one exception, Recruiting Command. The practice of recruiting Prior Service Marines is an area the Corps unfortunately misses …

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Civilians now understand mass punishment

Many of us have stayed home and practiced social distancing. However, because of those who did not, the whole country feels like it received an Article 15 or NJP, the military’s form of legal punishment. Military members have long known mass punishment. Now others know what it feels like to have their freedoms taken away …

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On the frontlines: NYPD

The state of New York currently has 37,258 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Through the uncertainty, there have been many examples of the indomitable American spirit. Earlier this week we reported on Veterans sending pizza to the NYPD. So we endeavored to take a closer look at the men and women serving on the frontlines of the NYPD. …

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Survival kits: according to combat Veterans

Travel restrictions are sweeping the world, and now is the time to gather any last minute supplies. We asked 3 combat Veterans, of various branches each, what their top essential survival items were. We consolidated the three top answers and have listed them below: Survival Jetpack Foremost, this is clearly a no-brainer. One should always …

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Quarantine movie list: military edition

If you are under quarantine, or just practicing social distancing, you may have the idea to watch a movie, or six. Below is a list of what we think are must watch military flicks. Obviously, movies like Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan are peerless, but we wanted to tackle some others that didn’t get …

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Veteran owned businesses at risk

Veterans become entrepreneurs at a much higher rate than most other groups. Many troops get out and start a business based on their passions. These entrepreneurs use this as an opportunity to employ other Veterans. Recent events are putting Veteran owned businesses at risk. If we don’t act now, some companies may not be there …

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Tips for social distancing like a pro

As the world reels over coronavirus, health officials have asked people to do something very important, practice social distancing. What does that mean exactly? We have compiled a handy dandy guide that is even grunt proof. This is just a fancy term for avoiding people like you’re an angsty teenager all over again. The point …

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