AH-64 destroying ISIS

AH-64 destroying ISIS in Iraq

What’s more fun than a video of terrorists getting smoked by an AH-64? A compilation of terrorists getting smoked by an AH-64. There are few things more entertaining than footage from these crews. The communication is almost always as good as the explosive power of the 30mm rounds on target. See more video articles …

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Salty or Boot

Hey there, fellow veteran. Your country thanks you for your service, and so do most civilians from time to time. If you’ve served 30 years, or just graduated bootcamp, the thanks we get from a civilian is often the same. Civilians will thank a private like they would thank a colonel most of the time. But then …

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Day to Night

Day to Night John Preston is a singer/songwriter who is giving back through his music. John, a combat veteran who deployed to Iraq while in the Marine Corps, is donating 30%  of the proceeds from EP “Your War is Over” to the  Boot Campaign. The newest song “Day to Night” fills a special place in …

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