Thankful For

November 20, 2018

We’re thankful for the fact that we’re here. It could have very easily gone the other way. It could be … continue reading

They Came in Peace

October 23, 2018

They came in peace. They were attacked. The Marines of 1st Battalion 8th Marines were in Lebanon to act as … continue reading

In Defense of The Sexy Halloween Costume

October 1, 2018

Too many people get way too upset at what other people wear. We at American Grit, however, think that for … continue reading

Hurricane Harvey: Looking Back One Year Later

August 16, 2018

I’m going to come right out and say it this is difficult to write. Not because of a level of … continue reading

Spirit of the 4th

July 3, 2018

Well ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages, it’s that time of year and by now you’re probably … continue reading

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