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It may not be yours, but that’s the beauty of the constitution. America.

THAAD missile defense, arming the saudis

With the recent media coverage of the U.S. government selling arms to Saudi Arabia, the

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times square accident, protecting pedestrians

The latest trend in Islamic terror-related acts on “Western soil” involves a simple weapon. The automobile.

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Life HacksOpinion

What’s the best animal for home defense?  Most people will rattle off a list of

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Delta Airlines

Here we have another shining example of the gross dumbassery that is prevalent in the

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best knives of 2017, survival skills, blades under 5 inches

Any outdoorsman knows that a good knife is the ultimate survival tool. You can render

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gun in hants, revolver, black and white gun
How ToOpinionShootingSurvival

It’s nearing the witching hour.  Zero Dark Thirty.  Do you envision yourself clearing each room of

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